Hello, my lovely •ARTists! :bob_ross:

A heads up that we'll be closing the account registration form temporarily starting very soon. We'll reopen it again in the near future.

Until then, you can generate as many invites as you want in your Preferences page. So please keep inviting friends!

Just be sure to practice good security with your invites; don't post unlimited ones publicly if you can help it. :da_cuddle:

Thank you for your understanding!

Invites are also still available from me! Send me a DM, or an email to curator at masto dot art to request one.

Be sure to include a little about yourself! Thank you. :bowie_stardust:

@Curator Why not use mastodon's built-in option to ask for registration approval?

@akalanka We have been using that option! It works really well. ☺️ We decided to go to invite-only for a little while for other reasons. :bob_ross:

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