New Instance Blocks 

Hello folks, it's time to announce another round of instance blocks from the past few months.

Full reasoning behind the blocks can be seen here:

Lots of love! Take care, everyone. :bear_hugs:

re: New Instance Blocks 

@Curator why are you blocking when it was a joke instance that wasnt actually scraping anyone?

re: New Instance Blocks 

@Curator So, reading through your various reasons it seems most, if not all, that actually have reasons basically boil down to “They won’t block people we feel they should block, therefore they’re bad” or “They have opinions we don’t agree with, therefore, bad”

Is that accurate or no?

New Instance Blocks 

@Curator Thank you for the work! :bear_hugs:

@Curator Thanks for keeping up with it!

I have a question: what is the benefit of blocking instances that merely federate with disagreeable instances while their own content is fine? Wouldn't those unblocked posts be caught by .ART's filters anyway? I see that most such instances have other issues listed, but it still seems an odd reason to include.
I'm not familiar with how instance-level filtering works, so maybe I misunderstood something.

Also, is on the list twice.

@eishiya This is a tricky one to answer, because it's different for every instance; often we block instances that are really chummy with instances we block for harassment reasons. This is because the people who use those instances make accounts on each other's instances to get around instance blocks.

If we block someone for federating with them it's usually because we've seen evidence of them interacting and being friendly with some shitty people.

@eishiya This is a contentious issue on the Fediverse, for sure, and it's a difficult line to walk. As we watch various instances for evidence of harassment, shitty ideologies, or acting in bad faith, we start to notice a circle of instances that federate with each other and share shitty things.

There are also some instances that are major red flags. If someone federates with them willingly and is friendly with them, it's a good indication that we don't want them in our community.

@Curator I see, that makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to explain!

@eishiya Glad I could help! Let me know if you ever have any other questions or concerns. ☺️ :bear_hugs:

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