Hello folks, we're open for Approval-Based Registrations again. :louis_toots_too:

Tell all your friends, we'd love to have them join us, or any of the other amazing creative instances on the :fediverse:! :da_cuddle: Just make sure they read our CoC/ToS first. :bob_ross:

Keep being awesome, MastoFam! :mona_kiss:

As an addendum; if you see any new accounts pop up in the local timeline, be sure to say hi and give them a warm welcome! :louis_toots_too:

To new folks: check out the hashtag for some good info. For a more in-depth intro to Mastodon, read this fantastic essay:

Also, make a post under the tag with a bit about yourself so we can get to know you. :make_like_edmonia:

We're so happy to have you! Happy art-ing! :bob_ross:

@Curator yo! Any chance y'all planning for a pixelfed art instance?

@bird I don't have the resources to be able to run one, unfortunately. ^^; If anyone wanted to create one and run it, I'd happily affiliate, so long as they had a similar CoC/ToS! I'm not sure how many art-focused Pixelfed instances are out there.

@Curator ahh alright cool! Thank you ✌ Thanks for providing a home for artists on the Fediverse! I hope an art pixelfed pops up at some point 🙏
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