Hello my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists!

Your mod/admin team have some potential changes we'd like your input on:

1) Reopening approval-based registrations for a limited time in the near future

2) Changing our CoC to recommend that political posts be CWed, but not required

3) Changing our CoC to require sexual/erotic art to be posted as *Unlisted* or Followers Only instead of just Followers Only

Any feedback, ideas, or concerns would be greatly appreciated!

More info:

2) We've been feeling increasingly weird about mandating CWs on Political posts. It's a part of Mastodon's culture to CW them, for sure, but we'd like to be a little more lax on how we moderate them.

3) Unlisted (but still Marked Sensitive) would allow these works to appear in user's profiles, and allow them to be boosted, which would go a long way to making •ART more friendly to erotic artists while still keeping the public timeline SFW.

Thoughts? :bob_ross:

@Curator Dunno if input from artists outside of m.a is wanted, but 3) would definitely get me to recommend this server to my friends more. The more nsfw-friendly places are available to adult artists, the less they'll feel like they're forced to go to skeevier sites or self-host just to express themselves. And nowadays, the web seems to be getting more unfriendly towards them.

@Curator I feel that political posts ought to be CWed but not required to be. A requirement would be heavy handed. The borders of politics are very fuzzy. It goes from black to dark gray to medium gray to light gray. It's harder to define than pornography (which, famously, is "I know it when I see it").

@Curator I love artistic nudity, but I'm turned off by the excessively erotic and outright pornographic. Loosening the requirement to Unlisted is probably OK, because it would still have to be CWed.

When somebody posts some art I like, I go to that person's profile to see if I want to follow. The erotic stuff is currently hidden, so I get a surprise when I hit the Follow button!

Just because I'm turned off by the highly sexual doesn't mean it isn't art. All art needs a free internet.

@Curator The potential downside, though, is would it attract the skeevier people looking to invade yet another server? That's the risk. It seems that all websites that are somewhat tolerant get invaded by the riff raff who push the boundaries and lower the quality of life for all.

This can be countered by alert admins. If you have a strong concept in your mind of where that line is and can be consistent in enforcing it, it should be OK.

I don't have any strong feelings about political posts, but I would welcome the proposed changes about the nsfw art.

@Curator 1. All for it—I'd love to see who'd be interested in joining if registrations are open for approval.
2. Agree with you—I personally would want people to CW involved posts, but they exist on a spectrum and politics are part of people's lived experiences, so I get why mandating how people post about it feels weird.
3. ALSO a big fan of this one—I feel like this strikes a good balance between not having it on the public TL but also letting artists share more of their work.

@Curator Are there not already places that are more friendly to erotic artists? Because "more friendly to erotic artists" generally means "less friendly to people who just make little fluffy animals and want to be able to point to their account from their blog without scaring off customers."

@silverseams I absolutely understand your concerns.

The idea is that Unlisted posts don't show up on the public timelines. They won't be visible in the Local timeline, or the Federated timeline, and won't be visible to logged-out viewers.

The only people who will see them are folks who follow the account, or followers of someone who boosts the posts.

The idea is that these artists can still share their work, but the Public timelines won't be affected.

Please reply if you still have concerns!

@Curator I kinda still do: I don't want to say to people "you can see my day-to-day updates on" and have them immediately think "oh the porn site" a la tumblr. 😔

@silverseams I don't think it'll come to that, since users will have to be logged in and following an artist in order to see the erotic art. It will still be entirely opt-in for anyone to see (pornographic photography will still not be allowed).

I will make it clear in our CoC that we do not specialize in erotic/pornographic art, and that there are better places for that if it's all they do. Some artists do a bit of both, and I don't want •ART to treat their work unfairly.

Does this help? ^^;

@Curator I guess I'm just not seeing the need. There are places for erotic art already. There are not, to my knowledge, places other than here that are, well, like here.

@Curator 1 and 2 sound good! for 3 my feels are that as long as all erotic content is CW'd/marked sensitive, it shouldn't necessarily have to be hidden from the TL. it requires a consensual click to see. if someone has their preferences set to always have those open i think that's their prerogative.

1) have registrations been closed? if so, i dont think opening them for any time you see fit is ever a bad idea. as long as theyre approval based
2) i always feel like pol posts should be CWed, but i also think theres some pol posts that should be exempt so its prob just easier to make the rule more lax? idk
3)i agree with the change to allow them to be unlisted as long as they are properly CWed

1) and 3) sound great!

For 2): I really like CWs on most kinds of political posts, so I was content this was required until now.
But I guess I can also try using filters and stuff in future, if this leads to less people using CWs... 🙈

@Curator I suppose all three of these! Strongly support #3 especially.

@Curator I'm usually pretty good about CW-ing political stuff I originate myself. It's tougher to remember when I'm responding to someone who doesn't believe in CWs, though. Uh... I'll try harder, though.

Thanks for the updates, and for making this space so good! 👍

@Curator I feel like 3) really makes it hard for new artist to get seen. Can people, that want to see this type of art still turn on those unlisted toots?

@bloodywing Unfortunately, there's no way to make unlisted toots visible to folks who aren't already following the accounts. The advantages it has over marking it Followers Only is that they appear in a users public profile, and they can be boosted. ^^ (rewording my last post to be clearer about the point, after actually reading this whole post, lol)

The thing is that by being unlisted and thus able to be boosted, it
can be seen by new people who don't follow the account in question, and spread via the network effect just as well as a public post.

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