I wanted to extend my gratitude to our past and current benefactors for their monetary support of •ART.

:mastoart:•ART will always be free to use, but there are still costs to providing this community to its many users and to the wider :fediverse:. It's thanks to the generous donations of our patrons that •ART is here for us all.

So let's extend one more loud and enthusiastic thank you to them all! :bear_hugs:


@Curator Oh dang, 97% towards fully covering hosting costs! That's awesome!


Any way I could send you PayPal or even a flippin' international money order? I tried to set up liberapay last year and I don't think it ever worked for me. :( (Send me a DM if either one is feasible.)

@xenophora Ah, right! Well, there's always my own paypal account:

Seriously though, your dedication to wanting to support •ART warms my heart so much. 😭 :bear_hugs:

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