Congratulations :mastoart:ā€¢ARTists:, we've reach 10,000 users!! :louis_toots_too:

Of course, many of these users are inactive or dormant accounts, but still, what a milestone! :bowie_stardust:

Thank you for being a part of one of Mastodon's most fun, supportive, and vibrant creative communities. We're so glad you're here! :bear_hugs:

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Also, a heads up that Mastodonā€¢ART will be switching from Approval-based Registration to Invite Only sometime in the near future. I'll get you all a precise date soon. :dali_persistance:

We'll likely remain in Invite Only mode until we secure enough funding to cover our hosting/operating costs. Once that goal is reached, we'll open registration back up. :mona_kiss:

Ways you can donate to :mastoart:ā€¢ART:


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In Invite Only mode invites can be generated by any :mastoart:ā€¢ART user using the "Invite people" page in their Preferences. So you can generate as many invites as you need to send to friends you think might enjoy it here!

It'll just slow new registrations down to a sustainable level so we can secure funding for future growth.

Thank you so much for your understanding! :make_like_edmonia:

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reached** Argh, sorry for the typo! :da_sweat: That's what I get for being so excited about this milestoneā€¦ :da_la:

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BTW, does have any plans to install a Pixelfed instance? I think it's much more appropriate than Mastodon for artistic purposes.

#meta #pixelfed

@rick_777 I love the idea of a Mastodon.ART Pixelfed instance! The problem with myself starting one is that it would effectively double all my admin and moderation duties, not to mention the added cost in running and maintaining another instance, and I just don't have those kinds of resources right now.

So for now it's a bit of a pipe dream. ^^; But I'd love to see more art-focused Pixelfed instances pop up! :bob_ross:

how about a migration, then? (don't mind me, just thinking out loud). You might want to consult with @dansup to learn about the potential pitfalls, tho.

@rick_777 Tempting! But I wouldn't want to make Mastodon.ART disappear. It works so well for so many people, and allows people to post more than just image content. And I love Mastodon itself too much. :bear_hugs:

Also, :pixelfed:'s moderation/admin tools are still in their infancy, so I'd want to wait until it's out of alpha/beta first to make sure we have the tools to protect our users. ā˜ŗļø

@Curator @rick_777 I'd love to see more art focused pixelfed instances as well, but I think if someone were to spin one up it should be someone else. No need to have all the art instances on the fediverse be run by the same people, right? I know we'd be happy to signal boost anyone who puts one together.

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