Important notice for all :mastoart:•ART users:

I have spent the last couple of days doing a hard editing pass on our Code of Conduct. I felt like parts of it needed clarification, so hopefully it's a lot easier to understand now!

Please take some time to read it thoroughly:

Every user of •ART is required to read and follow our CoC/ToS. I've also updated our terms page with a generic Privacy Policy:

Keep being awesome! :bob_ross:

I'll also take this opportunity to reiterate:

If you see anything that does not follow our CoC, please report it! Our mods need your help to find the content that might be breaking our rules. Also, please add a description to your report so our mods know what we're getting into – it's a tough job, and even a little bit of forewarning about what we're about to see helps a lot!

Thank you for making this community the wonderful, safe, and supportive space it is. :mona_kiss:

@Curator ahhhhh im sorry i got captions and cws confused,,,,, ill do better!!!

Okay, quick question on the line of nudity in these new rules: Is it only Nudity if nipples/genitalia are showing or any kind of naked body? Specifically cause I usually post my Croquis without NSFW if no nipples/genitalia are showing, I want to know if that changed~

@Ayior I'd say only if bare breasts/nipples, naked butts, or genitalia are showing. :) Otherwise it should be okay!

@Curator see, butts used to be allowed, so good I asked :D Thanks!

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