With all these amazing going around, I suppose I should do my own!

Hello :mastoart:•ARTists, I'm your friendly neighbourhood admin, @Curator! I exist to ensure your experience here is as safe, supportive, and carefree as I can make it. :bear_hugs:

I didn't found this instance, though; @CuratorClassic founded it back in April 2017. I first joined •ART in Nov/17, then made my own instance, ComicsCamp.Club for comic artists, in Oct/18. I took over as admin of •ART on Jan 1, 2019.


@CuratorClassic did such a fantastic job founding this community. I was a Mastodon convert immediately. It was such an honour when CuratorClassic asked me to take over, and I'm dedicated to doing whatever I can to grow this wonderful community.

I have a personal account at @Rheall if you're interested. ☺️

I also have a dog: @Aila
And a crested gecko :squishygecko: : @Squishy

Attached are some random artworks of mine. Visit my portfolio here:


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