For those who are curious, here's what our user growth numbers have been for the past year.

That spike at the end? All from the last two days. :da_faint:

(Info from

@Ayior Twitter made some changes to their algorithms, and there was some concern about shadow-banning practices too. These are almost all artists coming over from Twitter. :louis_toots_too:

@Curator I shared it on my Twitter and I know a lot of people have been sharing it from there and such! I hope the growth continues. So far everything seems wonderful here! I am having issues with deleting post but otherwise very excited about this!

@MegglesArt Yeah, the problems with deletes will be due to the server lag… but I've purchased a server upgrade, so hopefully that will help!

Also, thank you *so much* for telling people about us. :bear_hugs: ☺️

@Curator Such a huge spike just from the last two days? This is so cool to see. Granted, I"m one of the people in that spike, haha.

@Curator I'm glad to be one of them! This site is so friendly and welcoming!

@Chortanator @Curator

Everyone stick around, though. None of this toot-by-night business. :mastodance: 🎺 🍻

@Curator So exciting! Thanks for you and all of our staff's work to deal with the surge of growth!

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