I feel I need to clarify •ART's stance on instance blocks.

•ART's first priority is to the safety and well-being of our users. If there's any way we can accomplish that, we will.

Defederating and active moderation on the instance level allows our users to more confidently exist on Mastodon without fear of harassment from users with harmful ideologies.

Our CoC has always been clear about the type of instances we will defederate with. Many of our users are here because of that mandate.


The beauty of the :fediverse: Fediverse is that users always have the option of moving or having another account on other instances with more open federation policies if that's what they prefer.

It's not about censorship. It's not about white-knighting or virtue signalling. It's about creating a safe space for our users, who are here precisely because other social medias don't provide them this sort of moderated space.

Where we fail, personal blocks can pick up the slack.


In the end, the decisions to defederate come down to our mod team. If you dislike our moderation methods, there are many other fantastic instances you can join! Again, the beauty of the :fediverse: is that you can join other instances with moderation policies more closely matching your own and still be able to follow users from other instances.

It's a big :fediverse: out there, and there are many places you can call home if •ART isn't it.

Take care! :bob_ross:


@Curator Many thanks to you folks for keeping the instance safe for its users and in a healthy and friendly environment 💙 I feel really good interacting with the people here because everyone seems really nice and caring.

@littletivor I am so glad to hear that! :da_love: Thank you so much for the kind words, and thank you for being here! It's you who makes this instance great. :bear_hugs:


Thank you, and please pass along thanks for the work that instance moderators have taken on.

@freemo @Curator i mean based on your clout gobblin’ and this goofy coattail negging you’re trying to do right here i’m just gonna drop a domain block on qoto so congratulations on that!

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