Hello my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists!

When you post your art, photos, animated .gifs, or any other images, try to take some time to fill in the image description! You can find it when you mouse over the image thumbnail.

Giving your images short descriptions goes a long way to making our community more accessible to folks who use screen readers. You don't have to be super verbose, just get the idea across. Give it a shot!

Sorry for the re-post, folks! I forgot to give the image a description. XD Ooops! :dali_persistance:

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@Curator Also gonna add that @PleaseCaption is handy for anyone that would like to do this more but worries about forgetting to!

@Curator and in the event an app doesnt support adding alt text, a description in the body of the toot works just as well!

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