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Someone asked me how I keep up with boosting all y'alls' art!

Well, many many pinned columns wide when I'm at my computer as well as the fed from tags (for my screensaver) to enjoy & remember to boost later.

Thanks for inspiring others! Boost artists & enjoy!

@Curator Did you know that a future version of Mastodon will allow you to show multiple hashtags in a single column?
Follow the news here:

@ChameleonScales @Curator Oh yeah, finally! :D Can we safe the hashtag collection in a list, too?

& :mastoart: • ART is hosted from this raspberry pi + NAS. 🤣

jk jk y/our server is professionally hosted on in the Netherlands; however, there are a few :mastodon: instances running on home Pis that I know of… ok, i’ll hush. :mastohi:

@codl qkdfinrnds glad you like them ! 😍 it's one of my many dunnys but this one is made by LA artist Josh Mayhem called "blown away" & i like anything 🏳️‍🌈 & organic & 'slimy' so had to have'em.

@Curator Dude, I was totally unaware of this amazing grid gallery! When did you introduce it?

@ChameleonScales yea, a while ago - i'm just quiet a lot. It was made by @ekaitz_zarraga and is open source to be technically deployed on any server pulling from any instance.

gargron also created one at since

@Curator Yeah I just saw the Gitlab page.
You know what would be even better?
Multiple urls for multiple hashtags, such as:

I know, I just discovered it and I'm already asking for improvements. I'm so spoiled right?

@ChameleonScales i'm with you. I'd love a curated timeline of tags and even words from many instances that pulls in the relays + RSS' feeds + #'s + words (& minus other words) lol.

@Curator Are you talking about the gallery or the single column hashtag feed?

@ChameleonScales sorry, i mean a single column of #'s from instances, plus truncated external website rss, + words from instances with pics, etc. ....& I guess same for a gallery where pictures can flow but also show a square of a text for poetry and small stories too up to a number limit.

@Curator Is it possible to add a link to the gallery in the "Getting Started" tab?

@Curator wow, thanks, I didn't even know this existed ! it's great ^^

@soza it sadly doesn't filter NSFW content but I manually remove those when I can. There's also another one deployed on which will give a varying view too.

@Curator So, does it work on any instance ? can you filter it by user ? (example : could I use this tool to show someone my gallery ? (not that I'm an artist, but just to know))

@soza yea, technically. :) you can take the code (it's open source) and make it pull a # tag (not user) of your choosing to always show that on any drop-in website directory for any instance + tag ...well, sans a troll that might hijack your tag.

@Curator okay that's a great tool. Thank you again, some of my friends might be interested ^^

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