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Hey y'all! Welcome the newest addition to my by @ziphi! This beautiful hummingbird has iridescent gold & other beautiful colors with every realistic aspect I could imagine—so much so, this piece inspired me to put up a feeder 4 stories in the air bc a friend said they'd still find it if you've seen them near. Well, 2 weeks later, I finally caught my new friend & camped out for this pic of art and life.
Thanks, ziphi!
What's original hanging on your wall?

I just set up my phone to record 240fps slo-mo to try and get the hummingbirds flying in and landing & eating. 🤞

I have done it! I caught this lil one coming in HOT 🔥, letting the tower know & landing gear, out! & now that I've had a closer [slower] look, evidently this is a 'rare' for CA Mexican violetear (Colibri thalassinus)!? You can hear their wings flutter coming in and their ADORABLE sound as well as eating! They come back about once an hour. Filmed via iPhone XS at 1080p 240fps slo-mo & slightly overexposed to bring out their blues & greens.

@Curator What a perfect time of day too, the colours of the environment are wonderful.

@Curator Wonderful! (it’s also impressive what’s possible with smartphones today)

@Curator You trusted the thing attached to the window :D

@yulran haha yea, there’s a timelapse in HA on my & it held for over 10 hours on that glass door so i have a bit of trust now. I did make a catch then in case it fell while i was gone but it didnt so didnt make it this time.

This blue/green one is different than the initial brownish one I took a pic of w @ziphi’s so maybe I’ll try & capture all the picnic goers

@Curator very cool, the slowed sound makes it extra trippy.

@JoeCallanan i agree! There’s another birb video on my & it was the first time i heard the sound so slow. I wondered how it would be captured here & it is trippy & so amazing. I had to turn up the volume on my bt speaker to really enjoy it. I will try to lost this clip in its real-time if i can figure it out

@Curator ahhh this is incredible!! I love the 'landing gear' and the little tongue!

@tatterberry werent their lil streamlined body and feet coming out adorbs? I couldn’t resist bc in slow mo it def looked like landing gear coming dien ftom a helicopter or plane. They’re always so fast you never see their feet, letalone their wings, tongue, etc.

@Curator Absolutely adorable! It really did look like that, haha. And yes! Super interesting to be able to see all that detail, they're such zippy little things at normal speed :D

@Curator THAT'S AWESOME! Look at that cutie and darn it too cold in Colorado for these cutie-patooties!

@ziphi all bc of your beautiful art! I was wanting more up close!

It's beautiful. Is it safe for them to eat that? I mean, we know it's an industrialized product 🤔

@maperal it’s just organic sugar water & i boiled everything so just the same as their necrar per online stuff

@maperal @Curator

I looked at this society and this one

Both say pure white cane sugar is fine for them. No trace of brown (mollasses) as the iron is poison to them. Never honey. No colouring.

Leaving them up will NOT delay their migration and may help stragglers.

That's all I learned! :-)

@gemlog @maperal that’s what im feeding’em! Thank y’all for the insights!

@Curator @gemlog That's right! Nice job 😍 . Very interesting pages. 🤓 Thanks!

@maperal @Curator
I liked the vid, so I sent it to a friend who also wondered if it was good for the birds, so I looked it up to be sure, because my other friends have feeders too.

@maperal @Curator Good vid. We have hummingbirds even up here in northern BC, canada.
I'm happy to see ppl using peertube more and more too!

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