Considering a legal name change, but a single character name seems like a pain (many web forms do not accept, etc.)

I've been thinking about choosing a word that I can abbreviate to B. (kinda like "danger is my middle name) so when people ask me what the b stands for, I have something interesting to say.

I already created a company called B is for Business, but I don't feel that enthusiastic about that one.

What are your favorite eccentric/empowering words that start with B?

@Gargron I've been considering it!! I do love it as a name, but I wonder if maybe it is more gendered??


@b_cavello Jenn said you did the Bachata well that night but not a good name. 🤣 @Gargron

@Curator Hee hee hee! It's actually a kinda rad name, but I feel like I'd need to be more in that subculture to really own that.

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