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I dont accept ads, or aggressive brand/s accts or paid toots (I’ve been approached) but I do support free & programs. We have some amazing creative orgs represented on the thru :mastodon: ’s super-scalable implementation.

If you havent tried them then you’re missing out (a-z). U have control over ur social & creative lives w

:blender: @Blender

:gimp: @GIMP
:inkscape: @inkscape
:krita: @Krita
:ubuntustudio: @ubuntustudio

i'm gnu/linux user i'v channel in youtube for gnu/linux users. i use just the freesoftware like
and more

hi I'm working on a sprite editor here:

It's an SDL app with an interface similar to old versions of Paint. Would be cool to get a boost :)

@EliteKonataFan please feel free to post about it wout tagging me & describing it for your followers & i’ll happily boost. Use or others too.

@Curator scribus, imagemagick, pinta, mypaint and although I haven't used them I've heard of opentoons and synfig. Also piskel.

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