I like all the little artistic things that show up in the timeline ...
How easy/difficult will it be to discover these artsy folks when they're all in the (pixieverse?) 🤔

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@aldersprig @falgn0n @dansup’s :pixelfed: will federate here so decentralization & us owning our data is the win whether posted here or from there or from whatever Fediverse platform. I will also have a pixelfed & help Dan mod one too.

@Curator @aldersprig @falgn0n @dansup Also to note that pixelfed's use case is very different and I wouldn't be surprised if many of us keep mastodon presence alongside pixelfed.

Pixelfed is great to build portfolios, share images. but mastodon is still better solution to have dialogues between ourselves and others, and share each other's work.

That they federate is what makes this a superior solution to certain commercial alternatives. :)

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