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To all the active ’ists that have been here >1 month, are active & supportive daily/weekly inspiring others. You may make your own custom emoji just like: :mastohi: :needle: :hot_sauce: :coffee_mug: :succulent: :splat: :kittypotato: :tentaluv: :voxel: :pea: :lies_down: :music_collab:
File size <=50KB .png format animated or static & any L x W resolution. Email it & your desired : shortcode short_code : & the file. It can be personal or general use.
Tx for inspiring others & being here!

To those here that are not too crafty with illustrative programs but make this place home, I have a paid license to use's vast array of icons. I will happily color one for you per your taste/preferences. Please feel free to pick one & let me know the shortcode short_code too.


My profile pic was created as part of the holiday sneepsnoop. Might be a good option, and I'm happy to change mine to something else to avoid it being ego driven.


I've been campaigning to be the village idiot of the fediverse.

By all means make me the emoji for :clown: too!

@salixlucida you get your very own emoji too. Name it & it will be made so for your future duty. :P

@Curator is all sad right now... Maybe I need my :crying: emoji. I don't think it's done... It was coming.

@JigmeDatse i'm happy. no sads. .art, mastodon & the federated fediverse is my escape.

@Curator Just sad that ... well maybe not sad... I don't know. Just got feels...

@Curator I am barely starting it. I don't even really remember the exact process I go through. I can probably figure it out...

@Curator I think we can use some kind of hug emoji. A bear hug maybe?

@julloyart agreed. I will pay @yentru_oc to make us an animated one like their amazing :coffee_mug: & :hot_sauce: & :mona_kiss: & :succulent:

@Curator I read that the monalisa one is animated but it doesn't move for me :/ How do I activate the animated one?

@Curator I can't find that setting :/ In which category can I find it?

@Curator As always, when I say I can't find it and look again, I suddenly can. Couldn't scroll down earlier. Found it now

@julloyart no worries. Your time is better spent on your thesis. Happy to save u seconds.

@Curator @yentru_oc Exactly what I imagined it to be. Thank you yentru :)

@Curator Are any of these emotes of interest on the server. Kind of artist mems

1. Kim Jung Gi :KJG:

2. Proko :Prokerface:

3. Proko :Evilproko:

4. Bob Ross :Bobross:

I can send the file thing if you want any of them. 😂

@ChrisTalleras as long as they come from CC images w applicable rights we can start w one/some y’all like.:-)

@Curator Ahhh, hmm. They are basically just the face of artists screen capped from videos and being edited and made into emote memes. I don't think they technically is owned as they are just random memes made me and my friends and various art forums out there. The BobRoss one is from Twitch, though. hmmm

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