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While I'm at it, I'm going to make one more thread of posts, and that's about how you can support :mastoart:•ART.

As many of you know, to accommodate our recent influx of new users I had to purchase a server upgrade to handle the extra weight.

Our instance is fully hosted and managed by @mastohost, who does such a fantastic job keeping us updated and running smoothly!

But it also costs money every month, and we rely on the support of our users to keep going.

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Mastodon.ART also has a Profile directory:


You can opt-in to add yourself to it in your Preferences page. Any hashtags in your profile will be used to help find you in the directory, too

Check it out, and consider adding yourself if you feel comfortable with it. It's a great way to find new folks to follow! :make_like_edmonia:

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I'm going to start a thread of quick for new users. Apologies for any hiccoughs, these toots aren't planned, so they may seem a little haphazard. :da_sweat:

First of all: Welcome to Mastodon! If you're coming from Twitter you'll find some things very similar. Mastodon is a microblogging platform for sharing thoughts, photos, music, video, etc.

Posts on Mastodon are affectionately called "toots". You can laugh, it's OK. We found it funny too when we first joined. :dali_persistance:

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:mastoart:•ART will never serve you ads, track you, sell your data, or charge you to use our site. But there are still costs related to running one of the largest artistic communities on Mastodon, and we rely on the generous support of our users to keep the lights on.

If you have the means and inclination, you can support us in two ways:



Otherwise, just keep on inspiring the :fediverse: with your amazing art! Thank you!

OH HEY And it's #TellMeTuesday!

(Tell-Me Tuesday is a bonus #writing #prompt on weeks when I have everything loaded for #ThimblefulThursday at least a year in advance.)

The question for the day is: Why does the Sun Shine?

The wordcount character goal is: 250 characters

Write a microfiction within 10% of the week’s character count to the week’s prompt (225-275 characters).

#WritingPrompts #WritingPrompts

It’s always odd to draw a character differently from what you’re accustomed to, (especially when that means getting rid of facial hair), but I needed to calm my nerves so I doodled my boy as a teen

The positive thing about the #NaNoMangO is that you'll only have to wait until tomorrow - if all goes well - to get this little cliff hanger resolved. ;)

#comic #MastoArt

CW for a character interpreting a statement as racist. (Against sci-fi alien races.)

So I have a bunch of #baby #sock s to #knit in time for the #holidays. And, being me, I got bored with my pattern after the second pair. So I tried a couple #toeUp patterns, each of which I ripped up in very short order because of the either awful or ugly cast-on method.

Naturally, I went my own way. And it is working pretty well. Winged it to add cute little cables, have a plan for after the heel…

Only it is more of a toddler-size than baby-size. <sigh>

#knitting #fibrearts #fiberarts

Various practice doodles. Somehow feel more comfortable with drawing hands as a result.

New Pfp! I've been needing to make a new one but I've been lazy, so heres Etsuji!

Excited sounds! Someone bought a mug from my shop featuring the new Stick Pony Legends: Pegasus design! And it looks so so good.

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