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:frida_y_animalitos: Welcome to :mastoart: •ART!
Your profile pic & profile background can be animated. :bowie_stardust:
Make a brief :bob_ross: post if you like. Got pets? ? add'em. :) Your daily life, wip, questions, etc & all that fuels you are is also welcome. Watch flooding the local timeline all at once with your awesome - you have plenty of time. :make_like_edmonia:

Ask if you have any ?s Enjoy & thanks for inspiring others!

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Hey everyone! I have commissioned @ScribbleAddict to create new images for us here! Also, my SO is also a ginger so enjoy the fun ginger masto-tuft. I will also commission others to rotate different fun mascots (doesn't have to be Mastodon'like) in the future too! Ideas and others that want to are welcome!
The theme is . Thank you for inspiring others!

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I dont accept ads, or aggressive brand/s accts or paid toots (I’ve been approached) but I do support free & programs. We have some amazing creative orgs represented on the thru :mastodon: ’s super-scalable implementation.

If you havent tried them then you’re missing out (a-z). U have control over ur social & creative lives w

:blender: @Blender

:gimp: @GIMP
:inkscape: @inkscape
:krita: @Krita
:ubuntustudio: @ubuntustudio

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To all the active ’ists that have been here >1 month, are active & supportive daily/weekly inspiring others. You may make your own custom emoji just like: :mastohi: :needle: :hot_sauce: :coffee_mug: :succulent: :splat: :kittypotato: :tentaluv: :voxel: :pea: :lies_down: :music_collab:
File size <=50KB .png format animated or static & any L x W resolution. Email it & your desired : shortcode short_code : & the file. It can be personal or general use.
Tx for inspiring others & being here!

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Heyo folks, running a $10 coupon code giveaway over at ye olde Threadless shop. Comment here or DM me to enter!

Winner will be selected and notified on Nov. 22nd @ 12PM PST. Coupon must be used by 11/28 at 11:59 PM CT.

and the best of the rest: style imitation of, and some study type things. feel like i stretched my art muscles good on all of these!

@dapperbear I don't know what this is but I'm already scared of it!

I dont know what the new Star Trek animated series is going to be about but i have some suggestions

So while tumblr's having a bit of a scare, guess it's time to post on here again! I love a) pens, b) finnicky indoors scenes, c) both at once

Hey! I did a cover of Lost In Thoughts All Alone from Fire Emblem! If you'd like, please give it a listen! Boosts and Likes are appreciated too <3

Is the Golden Age of Television over or...? Show more

One shot every second for about six hours. Up in the western part of Northern Virginia. Still gotta get some tape or something for that camera light.

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