i'm really feelin' old OCs - kaigo's my very first ; w ; he's gonna be 18yrs old this year, sometime in summer in terms of when i made him

#nepocs #mastoart #monsterboy

Here are another images with the same preset, (plus one with "fog" strokes). the images are kind of small, 1k per side, again for demonstration purpose, time to move to the next presets 🙃

#krita #painting #mastoart #quiralta

A goblin and her mud friend! I want to complain that I spent too much time on this but honestly 4 hours isn't that bad

i drew this in 2017 but just got around to adding shading/highlights to it @ u @

#nepocs #mastoart #monsterboy

Thought I'd give this line-less art a try. It was much faster than fiddling with cleaning up lines and then trying to draw within them. Also interesting to be mostly working on one layer. This took me maybe an hour and a half?

This is Maya, as she appears to herself in her nightmares / premonitions.

Flavor text: "...remade into something powerful, purposeful, ruthless, efficient. A precision instrument of a greater force. And she didn't like it, not at all."

#scifi #mastoart #illustration

Un petit gribouillage de détente avant d'aller dormir. Avec juste un poil de self-insert.

Je crois que je vais plus toucher aux aquarelles avant un petit moment


Some concepting for product I need to make to sell at cons again. Wouldn’t want to show up to cons after two years with the same inventory, lol. Intended as four pieces cause capitalism (lol no, I just want them to be separate so they can be shuffled around)

#art #mastoart #rwby #ruby #weiss #blake #yang

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