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:frida_y_animalitos: Welcome to :mastoart: •ART!
Your profile pic & profile background can be animated. :bowie_stardust:
Make a brief :bob_ross: post if you like. Got pets? ? add'em. :) Your daily life, wip, questions, etc & all that fuels you are is also welcome. Watch flooding the local timeline all at once with your awesome - you have plenty of time. :make_like_edmonia:

Ask if you have any ?s Enjoy & thanks for inspiring others!

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Hey everyone! I have commissioned @ScribbleAddict to create new images for us here! Also, my SO is also a ginger so enjoy the fun ginger masto-tuft. I will also commission others to rotate different fun mascots (doesn't have to be Mastodon'like) in the future too! Ideas and others that want to are welcome!
The theme is . Thank you for inspiring others!

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I dont accept ads, or aggressive brand/s accts or paid toots (I’ve been approached) but I do support free & programs. We have some amazing creative orgs represented on the thru :mastodon: ’s super-scalable implementation.

If you havent tried them then you’re missing out (a-z). U have control over ur social & creative lives w

:blender: @Blender

:gimp: @GIMP
:inkscape: @inkscape
:krita: @Krita
:ubuntustudio: @ubuntustudio

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To all the active ’ists that have been here >1 month, are active & supportive daily/weekly inspiring others. You may make your own custom emoji just like: :mastohi: :needle: :hot_sauce: :coffee_mug: :succulent: :splat: :kittypotato: :tentaluv: :voxel: :pea: :lies_down: :music_collab:
File size <=50KB .png format animated or static & any L x W resolution. Email it & your desired : shortcode short_code : & the file. It can be personal or general use.
Tx for inspiring others & being here!

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I'm so heckin' close to done.

The next time I decide to paint a flannel on a character, tell me not to.

when you follow the career of the artist

And you get it


...followed by a smug grin. This little shit knows exactly what he did.

Oh, you know how I mentioned that these goats are soooo incredibly spoiled? that they have their own bench-sofa-things next to the dinner table?

...I wasn't kidding.

This was the view from my chair after dinner last night, as Baa-sil was snuggled up on my dad's lap.

That's right. It's a goat, on his own personal goat-sofa. Made of wicker.

...I don't think my dad thought that one alllll the way through.

I'll have you know I only read Mastodon for the articles.

Tiny smooch for birb friend @kakashicoke IT'S OK BUDDY YOU'RE GOOD.

also @merroki I know you've seen this before buuutttt its a new website hee hee hoo hoo

Rough style frames for my new project. The colours are fairly off because I wanted to paint these but they were still fun and get the idea across

Hullo I'm Kyver! I draw... too many things... and make too many OCs... but I also animate! I like a lot of cartoons and games and such!!

Manuel is the prettiest, calmest, friendliest goat I've ever encountered though. All he wants to do is follow you around and ask that you give him all the attention and affection and nose squooshes in the world. Honestly, I want to take him to a hospital as a therapy animal, he's so damn sweet.

And I think I've spotted the reason.

Baa-sil is spoiled rotten. Hell, they both are. They each have their own outdoor benches loaded with pillows to sleep on, right next to the outdoor dinner table on the deck.

These benches do not always suffice for Baa-sil. Because he's a damn LAP SHEEP.

Photographic evidence of an adolescent sheep curled up on my gruff, mustachioed dad's lap like a puppy:

Finding breadcrumbs to my ancient mind in forgotten words.

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