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My Commissions are now open !!
Please DM me if interested !
Details I forgot to add yes I do
Self inserts and pokemon/animals (only by them selves) are 5US$

probably my last thing here

this is vyviana, a whale shark. she's a very motherly type who will go out of her way to free fish (or other mer) tangled in nets or take care of abandoned shoalings. she's a part of an all-female shoal and acts as their healer. she can't swim too well because of a genetic defect, but she doesn't let that get in her way.

This is my OC/son.

His name is Jongee and I would die for him. Comment down if you have any questions for him 😋 💫


As some of you know I am HEADING TO SWEDEN IN AUGUST!! (8/4-9/11)

I'm very excited! I'm so excited I'm going to be making Patreon Exclusive travel journal comics that I'm starting now and will be making every day while I'm there! Once I get back, they will also be scanned into a PDF and posted to my itch. io shop!

Let's count how many times I mess up this language together 💖 So far the counter is at 1

Currently working on my 3d skills again and building a 3d cat for my own reference. I plan on texturing, furring and rigging it for posing. So far I've sunken a few hours into it, still a LOT faster than my first modeling attempts. Have some paws.

The pup and his miniature likeness (in convenient enamel pin and paper forms). makes dreams come true.


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