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While I'm at it, I'm going to make one more thread of posts, and that's about how you can support :mastoart:•ART.

As many of you know, to accommodate our recent influx of new users I had to purchase a server upgrade to handle the extra weight.

Our instance is fully hosted and managed by @mastohost, who does such a fantastic job keeping us updated and running smoothly!

But it also costs money every month, and we rely on the support of our users to keep going.

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Mastodon.ART also has a Profile directory:


You can opt-in to add yourself to it in your Preferences page. Any hashtags in your profile will be used to help find you in the directory, too

Check it out, and consider adding yourself if you feel comfortable with it. It's a great way to find new folks to follow! :make_like_edmonia:

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I'm going to start a thread of quick for new users. Apologies for any hiccoughs, these toots aren't planned, so they may seem a little haphazard. :da_sweat:

First of all: Welcome to Mastodon! If you're coming from Twitter you'll find some things very similar. Mastodon is a microblogging platform for sharing thoughts, photos, music, video, etc.

Posts on Mastodon are affectionately called "toots". You can laugh, it's OK. We found it funny too when we first joined. :dali_persistance:

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:mastoart:•ART will never serve you ads, track you, sell your data, or charge you to use our site. But there are still costs related to running one of the largest artistic communities on Mastodon, and we rely on the generous support of our users to keep the lights on.

If you have the means and inclination, you can support us in two ways:



Otherwise, just keep on inspiring the :fediverse: with your amazing art! Thank you!

More zombie dragon. WOOOH!

This one is a gift for my friend Texaal on Deviant art. :D

Has anyone played Mutazione? I highly recommend it, it came at the perfect time and provided a blissful escape. It's not that long but after I finished I felt like I made some new friends and was a welcome guest in verdant lands unknown. I ❤️ drawing plants, especially fictional ones

I promise I'm almost done with these! A sugar zombie, a secretary bird, and one of those little buttermint things~

Some of the cards were international mail, so it might take a bit for them to show up. Some were lost in a previous exchange that I did small watercolors for. The good thing about sending these film prints is that I can replace them with an identical item should a card get lost or damaged.

These are based on adoptables from

i am completely new to this website lmao.. but here's a miku i drew a few days ago

'Okay illustrators and designers! Here are some tweets about resources that people would like more infographics of.

Pick a tweet about a resource below and draw it! Make sure it's sized and composed to current social media dimensions. There's always more we can be doing.'

thread has resources + infographics to read + share, or work on:

Kyle Webster is raising money with a custom "BLM" lineart brush for any program that supports .abr files.

It's PWYW and all net profits go to organizations such as the National Bail Out fund and Black Visions Collective.

How is going for you folks? ^^ Did you draw some mermaids? If not, maybe you would like to color some? I made 8 coloring pages with mermaids and mermen for you!

Check them out here:

My frond's and mines 👀
The dude is my friend's named Zeke and the girl is named Fifi

What if: Dinosaurs in real life? Use the DinoCam 2000R to stay connected to your dinosaurs while you're at work. You can even use it to toss a treat :)

And yeah, color scheme is suggesting, there is a meteoroid shower happening just outside the window xD.

I’m only $27 away from
The patreon goal that will let me pay my rent, bills and groceries in full at my new place! :patreon:

Aaaand another Chainsaw Man fanart! This time something a bit more simple, but I am surprised how manga like this one turned out. :) Himeno enjoying a cigarette.

its been so long since someone misheard my name as sokka.... feels unnatural

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