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Y'all can always direct message me to remind me to boost. I leave no one out intentionally. I just try not to spam folks' timelines too much at once or per hour. I also try to vary instances, mediums, colors & emotional tone (if present).

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Mastodon.ART Contingency Plan tl;dr it goes to :mastodon: & :gargron: (w.t reference) Show more

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Are you #ArtsyAF‽ & thank you $upporters! Show more

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?—What do I spend my money on‽
Q—Tequila-infused-toots, services, travel, gadgets, this server & YOUR .

If I could buy something from every one of you I would! I'll slowly amass a sizable 👊

Btw, I've grown addicted to seeing works-in-progress go from inspiration (or start) to final form. Love. it!

Attached is part of my collection(a-z):
@eecks 'Idea Journal' that keeps me grounded at work protecting in my job.

@leauxra's original & limited flowers

@rowkey's lovely dragons original, hand drawn work titled 'Bottlecaps'

Others' to be posted soon. ! &

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"Fire" by @JubalBarca and Michael Silverstone is the last track on our second album - it's a folky, mellow song suited perfectly for cuddling up by a fireplace on a rainy day.

You can listen to the song (and all the other ones) here:

#mermay 10 ème jour "Stickers" 🐳🌟
Je me suis bien amusée alors je ferai une version "fée" plus tard :)

Trying to learn , I followed most of this tutorial on character design: . He's a little murky and too cartoony, but he's my forest imp... thing.

Did I mention San Francisco is beautiful? Thank you @Curator ! :blobcat:

I have written a first draft of a list of 30 prompts for my own #JuneWorldBuilding thing! Tomorrow I will go over them again, word them nicely, and format a post.

Then I will set up an RSS feed and a bot to toot links to new posts to my account here. And *then* post the list to my site. >.>

Newly available -
the inauthentic issue is now out from A Glimpse Of

Two of my poems are featured:
"that last quote blazing in the customers" and "transgress this resolve"

San Francisco was a beautiful host with me for @Yulran this fun weekend!

I would like to introduce you to my grandparents: Rose and Sig.
•120 hrs.
•5x7 inches

After the first illustration with Ryota, today I share you Noru x Chocolate where we learn a little more about the tastes of my mascot!

#Mascot #Vector #Illustration

Took a class at a small sculpture convention on wax miniatures. Honestly a really great skill, I’m glad I took time to learn even a fraction of it. This stuffs inspired by darksouls games. They’re rough sketches for now but they’re a lot of fun to do!

Also got a new phone with way better camera so, I’ll make sure images won’t be of this low quality anymore lol

Now that school's out I finally had time to get back into producing!

If you look at the image you can clearly see that I know exactly what I'm doing. Yep. I totally didn't just accidentally add an instance of Maximus and then forget about it while mixing.

Quick Deadpool portrait. liked more the second movie

if you want to support me via liberapay, patreon or ko-fi =D

Allright folks...A, or B?
For a literary(ish) short story about a vampire about to move in on a li'l town...

Long time no see mastofriends~ Here's a new OC I'm in love with, for an 1950s mobster game of Urban Shadows we're doing!

Her name is Henry Roth, your local leisurewear butch, gambler and fence. If you have a problem, she'll fix it... for a price 👿

#mastoart #creativetoots #lgbtart #art #sketchbook #butch #1950s #urbanshadows

Last i did! Machine and handpoke stuff.