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:frida_y_animalitos: Welcome to :mastoart: •ART!
Your profile pic & profile background can be animated. :bowie_stardust:
Make a brief :bob_ross: post if you like. Got pets? ? add'em. :) Your daily life, wip, questions, etc & all that fuels you are is also welcome. Watch flooding the local timeline all at once with your awesome - you have plenty of time. :make_like_edmonia:

Ask if you have any ?s Enjoy & thanks for inspiring others!

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Hey everyone! I have commissioned @ScribbleAddict to create new images for us here! Also, my SO is also a ginger so enjoy the fun ginger masto-tuft. I will also commission others to rotate different fun mascots (doesn't have to be Mastodon'like) in the future too! Ideas and others that want to are welcome!
The theme is . Thank you for inspiring others!

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I dont accept ads, or aggressive brand/s accts or paid toots (I’ve been approached) but I do support free & programs. We have some amazing creative orgs represented on the thru :mastodon: ’s super-scalable implementation.

If you havent tried them then you’re missing out (a-z). U have control over ur social & creative lives w

:blender: @Blender

:gimp: @GIMP
:inkscape: @inkscape
:krita: @Krita
:ubuntustudio: @ubuntustudio

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To all the active ’ists that have been here >1 month, are active & supportive daily/weekly inspiring others. You may make your own custom emoji just like: :mastohi: :needle: :hot_sauce: :coffee_mug: :succulent: :splat: :kittypotato: :tentaluv: :voxel: :pea: :lies_down: :music_collab:
File size <=50KB .png format animated or static & any L x W resolution. Email it & your desired : shortcode short_code : & the file. It can be personal or general use.
Tx for inspiring others & being here!

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Welp, first post to the site, it's my first "complete" 3d model in blender.

It's Beauregard from #CriticalRole

#lowpoly #DnD #CriticalRole #3d #blender #art

[CW: selfie, eye contact]

"You cannot save people, you can only love them."

Anaïs Nin

"Vous ne pouvez pas sauver les gens, vous pouvez seulement les aimer."

This is a quick reminder that all of the A Whale's Lantern music, made by wonderful Mastodon musicians in random pairs, is available at

It's time for !

Only 3 slots open this time, since the last 5 did not fill so get 'em while they're hot.
I work best with gloomy atmospheric stuff but I'm always open for adventures. Please consult the images below for prices + examples

(Got an idea but unsure on how to write that first email? Just fill out this form: )

♦ Open until all slots are taken.

Info also on website:

Thanks to everyone for joining me on tonight's stream. One of these days I'll wrap up on time. Lol, you guys are just too much fun.

i know a little tiny bit of sewing stuff, but one reason i want to learn how to sew properly (besides costume stuff) is so i can DIY more complex pieces for my wardrobe.

Went to go see a #clown show yesterday. The #LaughterLeague did a show at the Festival of Independent Theaters called "Where Do I Sit". It was great fun. Included; before and after photos of the stage.

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