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Otherwise, just keep on inspiring the :fediverse: with your amazing art! Thank you!

I love how I go through the tag and discover some really cool artists, only to find out I'm already following them.

This place is magic I swear.

I'm a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, atelier-trained painter, and art instructor. I primarily focus on figurative and still life paintings but dabble in plein air from time to time.

When I'm not painting, I backpack, hike, and practice duo aerial silks with my partner.


Hi! Since I am , I thought I take the opportunity to introduce myself.

I'm (mainly) a musician. For 20+ years I worked in a project named Botany Bay. If you were on the 'net before 2008, you might even have heard of us ;)

I enjoy photography very much, though it's not as important to me as .

I live in a little keep at the foot of the Siebengebirge (7 mountains), together with my lovely partner, 2 dogs and 7 turtles.

Hoping for new contacts, collabs & generally a good time :)

Guess I'd make an first.

Here's Delta67, an amateur digital painter driven by pure interest. Actually a programmer irl but I do enjoy arts a lot. Just arrived here like minutes ago.

Mostly drawing fanarts and sometimes original characters. May get NSFW from time to time. Mostly using Krita for painting since I cannot get PS working on Linux system.🤣

Gay and pride. Happily partnered but in a LDR right now.


Greetings all!
Looking forward to getting to know the people of .ART and sharing thoughts and ideas with you. I'm a novelist and blogger in the creative world and an engineer for an airline in the professional world.

I write speculative fiction for adults and YA, and blog about fostering creativity and writing productivity. My home online is at

I'm also a huge Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan.

Feel free to say hi.


Some arts I've done recently. I'm an illustrator looking to work on games and books!

New to mastodon but so hyped! First toot!

Feeling really motivated to do something new (in fact, more motivated than I've been feeling in a long, long time)... but still fighting writer's block... 😕

Ah well, until then here are a few impressions of the last album...

That being said, are there any musicians here looking for collaborations?

Howdy! I'm an LA-based creative software engineer who likes to make music and DIY.

I will be sharing my music (best described as some form of post-punk) and progress on my various projects. Hope to meet others working on neat projects as well!

Been a bit since I actually drew any backgrounds. Wanted to try a grayscale scene with this one. It was... an experience trying to keep it semi-readable.

24/#365 @RampantPanda

working process 😊
my first jellyfish an my first use of masking fluid.
unfortunately at some parts the paper got ripped of with the mask but i guess its a matter of experience how to use.

happy for advice an experience sharing 🤓

...and finished.

This was done for an art request event held at my patreon. Winner asked for their custom Hawke.
I had a lot of fun drawing this mainly due to the thrill of using a new software i.e. 😂

made a scale ps brush after that last art so i don't have to manually paint scales ever again…

(Dni Fantastyki, Wrocław)

The photo is my property. All rights reserved. Copyright (c) PMM.

Making a Basic Cloud in

1) Make a white shape with random angles
2) Apply bubbly bumps filter - fiddle shape
3) Overlay medium (50%) gray to lower area
4) 18% blur
5) Experiment (add intermediate gray area)

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