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Lil Work in Progress of Daisy ✨

Experimenting with colors and background stuff ☺️💕

I’ve started doing alternate versions of my drawings for my patreon and it’s kinda fun? Just working on the same drawing but swapping outfits.

I love sketching but don’t have it in me to sketch multiple different characters/poses in one sitting, so this soothes my itch to sketch without exhausting my brain.

It’s nice to come here when all the fighting on Twitter gets too much.

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Today I tried out some pixel art for the first time!

I don’t really know what I’m doing but it’ll be a fun thing to do on the side ~

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Here’s a later attempt! Also not quite what I was going for but I like it a lot! It gives me retro magazine print vibes :eyethink:

#MastoArt #Art

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I've been yearning for the flowers to bloom, so while they are slowly popping up all around, I'll just draw some of my faves myself 💛

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Hey art frens

It's okay, there are no algorithms here, you're not fighting to swim upstream any more :bear_hugs:

You can sit here and just breathe and look at all the pretty things coming across the timeline while you take time to untie the knots that the other nastier places left in your creative muscles.

You don't need to perform here. You don't need to prove anything. You're valid even when you can't put pen to paper. You have the heart of a creative and that's enough.

*hugs everyone*

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So glad I gave this place a shot! I only heard about it a few days ago and thought, why not? But it’s been so refreshing ✨

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