I don't think I've ever painted a mini in a single night before. Technically still haven't, but I am too proud to let clear and gloss coats count right now ^_^

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A quickish paint doodle from a Chasers game. Since we met someone whose earthly form was greatly inspired by Quetzalcoatl, I tried my best to make them look nice. And large.

Finally painting again for the first time in months, and this dude is finally finished ^_^

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Hey so sales are kinda bad this month, at this rate I won't be able to pay my bills (like rent, or food for the creature I accidentally summoned)
If you like my art and want to help you can either:
- check out my shop anaisfae.art/shop
- toss me a coin ko-fi.com/anaisfae
- just boost this
Thanks a lot!

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Writing a backstory for a DnD game I'm getting far too excited for, I have tried my hand at characterization through describing their space. I'm most curious about what kind of person readers think lives there, but also just general writing critique since I don't do this much.
Short story, just over a page long. Home description.
Trigger tags: squatting, reader is implied to be invading the space

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Meet Rieta, she's a tiefing who I played like twice on an online DnD campaign. She's a rogue but I've been making her slowly loving the pirate lifestyle more. She used to have a pet mouse named Paws but I changed it to be a cat lol

I love this model, but I hate painting and assembling him. Difficulties with him have slowed things immensely, but getting boned by the last spray of varnish turning him fuzzy was a little heartbreaking. Still, he's mostly patched up now, and I really want to work on something else, so good enough ^_^
Next, a Trygon!

Next up, a tentacle boi.
The part I don't like about being a stickler for details that I have to paint before assembling. I have a whole box of battle sisters and I really want to build them, but I also want them to look awesome.

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a wild Magical Girl Rei appears! She(he) likes to kick some butts! two more to go xD

Next space bug! He is not perfect, as I assembled him incorrectly, but he came out pretty awesome. I really like him ^_^

Fist pic is with Munitorum Varnish. Second is before I sprayed him. I'm really pleased with this clear coat. Good stuff

Did up a gaunt in the new colors. Might try brighter reds on the next. Definitely want some tentacle boys or a lictor so I can use purples ^_^

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