TW Assault of someone else mentioned in the poem

Lydia makes harsh noise wall and dark ambient and ugly beautiful noises that makes you feel like your spine is being chewed on by things that crawl out of the city gutters.

I listened to this and I wrote something ugly about bad summer memories.

Kids today: I wish I was a teenager in the early 00s so I could rock the emo/goth look.

Me, an actual 89 born person: IT WASN'T A GREAT LOOK FOR MOST OF US.

Taroko Gorge remix - Forgotten Forge.

Poetry generation is pretty fun tbh

Graffiti is a seed
where actions blossom
into a bouquet of resistance.
Accept nothing less
than a true society -
one unbound from fear
and invisible hands wiping
the slate clean for slaughter.

(Pictures taken in Bergen, Norway)

I wrote this poem for my mother, she loved it even though I call her a bitch in it like three times. Btw, literally don't ask me how many dogs my mother has right now, she runs huskies up north, and they just had puppies, its a lot of dog.

My Mother Is A Bitch

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