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Hey ! The artist Conana is new here !

She's on :

DA :
Twitter NSFW :
Tumblr fanart :
IG :

Her Ko-fi :

Hi guys! Is been a while not postin, sharing art and see yours.

There is my OC Ihs'ara an fortune teller but I update her story everytime so, I don't who she is yet.
For sure, she's an Amazigh.

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Found this old art on discord, it makes me happy because I really drew him well

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I really want to finish this piece and post it as a Draw This In Your Style challenge.

/ OC : Hania \

A crossover with my OC (curly hair) and my friends (blond girl) x Stella and Flora from The Winx Club 💕

(And I just noticed the Mastodon emojis, Hotdamn I love this site!!!)

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With a touch so cold and a glare so frigid, it was a wonder her heart was so warm.

It's too late here, so here a WIP of my first painting on my new tablet (I've waited for this b**** so lonnngg...!!)
And here I'm! Not finished yet but want to finish fast lol!

/They're my OC from an otome game : Eldara, but I don't play at this game anymore...
-> Gomori, Conana, Moha/

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