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Greetings! My name is Colleen Miller and I am a mixed media artist. My professional life has included writing, communications, graphic design and journalism jobs! I live in the US in Lawrence, NJ and have a studio in Lambertville,NJ. I love color, texture and printmaking and bookmaking. Recently finished 100 day project of 4 in by 4 in mixed media works. Currently making enhanced Gelli prints into tiny books.


Figured out an art technique I was working on and failed on...
Saw a friend in person I hadn't seen in months
Lovely weather for taking a walk!

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Lovely walk
Running laundry
Art workshop today! Summer creativity

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Japan installed tunnels in the middle of railway tracks in order to allow turtles to cross the rails safely. The underpasses,which eventually lead to a pond, have not only saved numerous turtles, but have also prevented major disruptions to the train se...

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Qigong using Zoom on iPad worked out this a.m.
Hubs improved network performance at home
Nachos at dinner..been a long time!

yesterday's @3goodthings

- Early outside dinner with a friend
- Studio time..a little but it counts
- Washed sheets and remade bed!

Today is Thursday here. Have a good one everyone


- Glad a rejoined the Mastodon (tried long ago and quit)
- Studio time
- Found the iced tea we like at the store... something hard to aquire

Good night

My studio table .. trying to write a blog post today as a studio update


- Saw friends and painted together
- Wore a skirt to keep cool
- Dinner with husband..nice and easy followed by Hulu series streaming


- Weekend! It's a good thing!
-Nice walk today
-Completed errands for the house
- Testing videos of my art... I think Saturday video is good weekly thing to create! (Videos are little slide shows really, using Canva for now)
Anyone know of simple apps that are better than Canva? Please reply!!

Best wishes!

Abstracted botanticals in watercolor and other mediums. Testing out short videos.


-Husband put legs on new chairs for studio.
-Ate dinner out with husband
-Ordered fans for lake house (replacing ceiling fans) yay for aesthetics

Happy Friday or Saturday depending on your locale

I call them Alien Plants. Small watercolor with added gold & interference paint, pens, etc.

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Today I am going to be a big baby because I don’t know how to handle being legit sick anymore. Very different for me than dealing with migraine or chronic pain. Fevers suck.


For Thurs forgot to post
- Temp fixed a house networking issue
-Studio time creating. Trying new challenges
- vegetarian lunch!

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