Mei with a pretty strong red palette on her, thought it might be a fun switch up from her usual calming blue.

I saw a bunch of people using this site to create a collage of their favorite pokemon of each type, I thought it would be fun to use the idea to make a big drawing with all of my favorites, filling it little by little.

In so far I got Vileplume for grass type and Chandelure for fire!

I found out tengu geta are a thing and after seeing a picture decided they are super rad and had to make a character wearing a pair.

Perspective is all wack on this one but I'm pretty proud of how the coloring/shading worked out

Hey y'all, I have mostly been doing sketches and just practicing so I didn't feel like I had anything worth sharing here for a while.

I liked two sketches I did recently enough to trace them digitally though! The first is of my ffxiv character with her current glamour, been having a lot of fun wasting my life with that.

Some of my friends were using one of those character dress-up things that let you make custom chibis, but we were quite sad it didn't have any monster girl options, so I've just been drawing my own for us instead.

Been feeling like drawing chibis recently. For day 27 Faerie Witch and day 28 Religious Witch.

These aren't drawings but I guess count as art, a friend of mine redid the flag of Maryland in the trans flag colors and it inspired me to go and change CoAs around the world into trans colors.

Pictured here are the CoA for the Isle of Man in Britain and the Arkhangelsk Oblast in Russia

Hey so, there's been a bit of a kerfuffle with Patreon lately after a terms of service change that threatens all sex workers

There's now an open letter to Patreon to please not do that

The idea of folks losing their livelihood overnight for reasons I cannot see as justified is terrifying, and there's no Patreon alternative either.

Borrowed my brothers tablet to do some digital art again, been a few months since I last did anything on the computer and comparing this to other stuff I did I can see some clear improvement, especially on hair.

Hello its me again, with finished art this time! take a moment to appreciate this................because ill probably never finish another thing for at least 500 years give or take.

Instead of an inktober prompt, today I did a comic about a conversation I had back in highschool.

Some more monster girls!

First is the mascot of a subreddit holding the love of her life, pickles. Second is just some dragon girl I thought up.

I've been active in a trans community recently and I was doing comics about being trans for fun for it, someone asked me if it was an webcomic or something so I thought I might as well make it one since I'm having fun drawing them.

Dunno how funny this can be to someone who isn't trans and meme-loving but here we go!

Lost patience toward the end, and it shows in the tree and background, but hey, / number 6 - Sword.

(Masto Art only addition - It was meant to be Mignola-esque, but I feel I only really got that with the revenant. Still, was fun to *try* 😋 )

Still doing just forgetting to post them. Prompt was shy and I was talking to some folks about monster girls, so a shy goat girl

3 more prompts for todays inktober. A witches familiar, poison and a merchant witch.

For the familiar I thought a capybara would be really nice and I like how it turned out.

For poison, one of my friends loves the song poison by Rancid and he also loves Cuba, so I drew Fidel singing the song cause why not.

Then the merchant witch is just a potion merchant sitting around I dunno

My (day 1) sketch!

I decided to try and do small comics for this month!

Hopefully I can make it all the way through, though I'm going to be play catch up all month I bet 😭 not that big a deal though!

DAy 1 prompt was: The Old Man

( I'm following this list! )

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