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A Personal Pin For My Profile:

Use "GnuIMP", not the other name.

(Also I just found out I can pin toots and when did this feature happen? Was that always there? Either way: NEAT! \o/ )

A Personal Pin For My Profile:

Use "GnuIMP", not the other name.

(Also I just found out I can pin toots and when did this feature happen? Was that always there? Either way: NEAT! \o/ )

I see that I have not used the offending name. That's good at least. Less to worry about, although I hope to remember not to use it in the future. Its the only program I can use on this ancient potato laptop to process my photos with. The pandemic threw off a lot of plans and getting a new laptop for work and play was one of them. Which is, unfortunately, typical of my luck. /sigh

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Ah, I see I've....been absent for a very long while and just now saw that announcement. I better look through my toots to see how often that program name came up. And see what I can do about those that have the offending name since its been literal months that I don't remember everything about this interface.

Very Belatedly.
(As I've first shared this via Discord, because I am Impatient Like That; and then released it across other platforms that I use.)

And here we have a trade. Tumblr user radioactivetequila's norn Unathi Forgalkin, having a bit of Wintersday Cheer.

My camera was quite fussy about capturing the colors, this was the closest to what I really see.

Not unusual, some late uploads. Because I tend to forget that I have this place too!

This latest "wormified" OC is my boy Hikks Pten, curled up around an avocado stone. What can be said? He loves avocado and he wasn't going to let a temporary transformation keep him from eating it.

This pair isn't actually a couple, but it couldn't be fit into the first post. All of these silly things were for a discord server I hang out in. There's more of them coming up but I have to get them finished and photographed first! lol.

Such a vicious little angry fuzz-noodle, the grey one is.

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Have some fuzz-wormed couples that were posted to my furaffinity, artstation, and ko-fi long before remembering that I also have a name here.

It all started with the very first one in the set (a birthday doodle). The last one coming up in a few minutes after this post.

I've been something of a busy bee trying to get some things squared off while quietly wrestling with self-confidence issues over my chosen medium; because I can get my hands on traditional materials much easier than I can get ahold of quality digital components and apps that won't break the bank at any point.

Its a doozy of a match to be quite frank about it.

Some fuzzy creatures to make up for the absence!
The first pair (and row) belong to a friend of mine. The grey one, Peep, I'm sure I've posted before. Now she has a sister, Meep, who appears in the second image. I'm pretty sure she's not that grumpy all the time!
The second row are references of ones of my own design. Respectively they are Eep and Leep.

The moment that you realize that you haven't touched mastodon for two months instead of just one like you thought it was. Oops.

Oof, now I remember why I don't look at the federated timeline very often. It scrolls by so fast!

Yes, I'm quietly lurking. I fell into yet another artistic pothole and I'm trying to crawl back out of it.

I haven't been feeling well of late but there are more doodles coming along as I process their photos. What I posted were already completed, I just keep forgetting that this place exists.

Two doodles for two very different people.
On the left we have for Talk-of-Tyria (of tumblr) Priory Archivist Talfir Otyka, and a tiny friend.
On the right for a user from FA, their Venezeulan poodle moth, Peach, having found something most exceptionally cute.

I meant to post this here much earlier. A commission for Lewn-Atic of tumblr of their partner's asura: A flirty pun-slinger named Wixx.

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sometimes when you look at things you've made and think "I could do better" you have to remind yourself that it's okay you haven't done better yet

better can come later

for now you made something and that's good enough

A small dump of one of my characters, Alchemy. Mostly linework except for the one that's colored in. I was feeling squirrely, a discord server needed a wider range of emotes, and Alchemy has been demanding some time in both art and RP.
There was also an itch to use markers again.

And so I throw out something adorable instead of a dump of linework doodles that I've been up to. Concepting up OC offspring before/in-between projects is fun.

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Capturing the storm.

Seas where a bit stormy yesterday so took the opportunity to capture a couple of long exposures of the sea by the marina breakwater.

Got a bit wet as the sea was coming in though, happy with these captures, given an edit to brighten them. Could do with making a longer capture next time.

#Brighton #Photography #Photo #LongExposurePhotography #Sea #StormMiguel

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