Landscape painting in blue shades, winter in Arctic, Khibiny mountains (Russia). Giant hills spreaded above the snow valley and small city, cloudy sky as a background. Modern impressionism, acrylic painting on paper, 49 x 98 cm, 2021

© ClipsoCallipso / Julia Khoroshikh

Prints on Society6, Redbubble and Curioos, original is for sale too.

"Hearts" collection on @Zazzle - Valentine's day gifts. Elaborated this design from handmade wool painting
Plus 20% Off Sitewide with code SUPERSAVEZAZ. Ends 2/7/2021 11:59:59 PM PST

Shipping worldwide from USA

May Queen.
May Queen, or Maiden, the goddess of spring, beautiful girl in lily flower crown and white gone. She is embodiment of springtime and summer nature. She is also known as flower bride, queen of faeries, and lady of the flowers.
Imaginary portrait, fantasy / surreal art, pastel painting. Soft pastels on paper, 41 x 41 cm, 2020
Prints here:

“Old house in Shnipishkes”, work for virtual plein-air with Anastasia Bereza and a group of artists on FB. Soft pastels on paper, 35 x 38 cm.
“Старый дом в Шнипишкесе”, работа для виртуального пленэра с Анастасия Береза
и группой художников в ФБ. Пастель, бумага, 35 х 38 см, 2021.

"Hearts" tissue paper collage for Valentine’s day. Actually it's already done - seamless pattern in three colour variations - and available on @redbubble and @society6 (only red now, I'll add other two tomorrow). :)

part 2 - floral art :)
1 Bouquet from the Finnish Bay, pastel painting
2 Blue Seaweed, gouache on paper
3 Golden Meadow, fiber art
4 White Daisies, life sketch, ink pen & markers

All are available as prints.

ove the idea on Twitter. I have a bit more, so here part 1 :)
1 Dream of the Moon, acrylic painting on paper
2 Dance, monotype
3 Marylin, acrylic on paper
4 Red hair, fiber art

@Ellteo Here are two older artworks of mine (the rider and the child with the books, both 2014 omg. I haven't drawn much during 2015-2018). They're crafted |s. I'm proud of them because I improved a lot with this kind of art and because they took quite a while. 😊 Below are two even older works for comparison which have less details. (the blue haired character is from 2011 and the pokemon one from 2012)

Hello ! I'm a french painter, all new here. Making my first steps to discover Mastodon and the community :)

Here is a study in that I made last week

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