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Hi there! I'm Rayne, a digital illustration & character design artist.
I'll mostly be posting doodles until my burnout allows me to make full pieces again, and I'm also a student returning in Fall semester going into healthcare.

Nice to meet you, friends!

Currently dealing with a lot of IRL stuff. I plan to be art active later this week once I have a break from work :artsweats:

18 weeks is really hitting me hard, but we're nearly halfwayyyy let's go!
anatomy scan next week and work all this week.

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After a horrible morning of symptoms I'm finally spending my last day off doing art :D

I've got 2 days off before a morning shift, soooo maybe I can shuffle something together???


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ugh I feel awful pushing my comms so much. I'm debating in my mind if I try doing up some adopts again to try and help with my car payment next week...

once again playing with the idea of actually using IG and fighting with my brain 🤔
Who knows maybe I'll do an artist intro and see how things go.

Fox son looks good as my banner so I guess I'll just make another one of him!

I realize that Wraith doesn't have a good thumb for me to use at all for artfight, so I made him an avatar too! I love this style so much it's so cute

I'm excited to go back to coffee :') it's like a welcome home

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I wish I could go back to corporate but at this point I'd be so picky about it. Can't be a delivery heavy store, don't mind drive thru, standalone store. I've never done licensed and it's a lot quieter compared to what I'm used to.
I think it'll be good to go from being used to busy corporate to quiet licensed

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So because my last job didn't work out (there was a lot more heavy lifting involved than I was told, and I'm kinda pregnant), I managed to find another!
This one is also a much smaller store thankfully and a position I already know I enjoy. Time to re-embrace barista life lmao

Definitely much happier with this art and outfit, I now won't have to revamp Chev for a while :da_la:

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mental disorders, blood 

I sometimes wonder when people contact me to demand that I stop doing something they don't like about my art. Because how dare I to taint their merriment with... me.

So many of my works are born from negativity, anxiety, depression, from dread and fear and horrific memories, from pain and sadness and an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy...

But we are online artists and we are only allowed pain if we hide it under enough colour.

I guess I'm joining artfight for the first time this year! Joining me friends on team Wither

I've never participated in artfight but its very tempting to try?? my friend is explaining it to me lgjlkgjlj

gonna try and art grind today because I need to kick my butt into gear..

I do have a question though! Do people still use Paypal?? Or have most converted over to Stripe.
I completely understand paypal being a mess and getting worse as it exists, so overall just curious for input.

I've officially given up on a weebly and just decided on completely using carrd for my comms lmao..
I think carrd and ko-fi are going to be my go-to's, mostly leaning on carrd now

Im so used to sharing this stuff on twit, but since I left the blue bird app, I want to post my food here 🥺
I made garlic bread! And creamy coconut chicken noodle soup to go with the rainy day!

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