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Hi there! I'm Rayne, a digital illustration & character design artist.
I'll mostly be posting doodles until my burnout allows me to make full pieces again, and I'm also a student returning in Fall semester going into healthcare.

Nice to meet you, friends!

school is swamping me but good news is that I'm officially on maternity leave and don't have to worry about working 😓
I have so much I wanna do, especially art related.

It's been really crazy for the last while..
We have to move ASAP. Our situation is getting worse, I'm terrified to leave the house, there's constant second hand smoke in our unit. I'm worried for babies health and we're doing everything possible to gtfo of here as soon as possible

I'm always so grateful when people actually show interest in the adopts I'm making. One, thank you for helping me get through the month, and two, I regain some confidence in myself 🥺
I'm gonna keep working on adopts for a little bit instead of OC work, because if I have to take medical leave then at least I have something to hold on.

Working on a new adopt sheet while I have some resting time u v u

I'm so tired. I can't do this much longer before my body is just going to crash. I refuse to ever live in a quadplex ever again.

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We might be forced to move elsewhere and I'm just so...

I'm exhausted in every capacity, my body is working against me, I can't deal with awful neighbours much longer if the landlord won't do anything about them.

Working for 3 days, and then I wanna work more on an adopt sheet I have going + start some new OC art 😬
I'm trying so hard to ride the motivation train that I have going

I finally finished it :artshark: !

Improvement piece of my OC Wraith, I'm very happy with how this turned out!

seriously, who thought my most viewed deviation would be a set of cheeb adopts l o l

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Still pretty stunned that I hit the algorithm on dA for once. It gave me that spur of motivation to go finish my weebly and have a more stable spot for my comms listing lmaoandojh

made a new adopt sheet and it's actually moving around dA for once ;o;
I'm legitimately so excited and surprised

feeling baby kicks is honestly the WEIRDEST sensation. Idk if I can get used to this 😨

I have so many issues with my cintiq 16 and honestly can't wait to go back to XP-PEN, they've come such a long way since I upgraded last.
One day, the artist 16 pro will be mine

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It's coming that time to upgrade my tablet again and I have no means of doing that right now.
Since school starts soon and I'll be going on work leave in september, maybe I can start working towards 😬

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Icon for my dear fren Moonlitpetal on dA, who bought the dragon lady from me!

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