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The ratios in this part of the 'verse is so interesting to me

Wow, this is some amazing (saving the) future level shit!

@Fairphone has released a new phone model. But you don't have to toss your old phone if you want it, you can just buy the upgraded camera modules to your Fairphone 3, and you're all set!

Check it on (great video halfway down)

In the future all phone manufacturers should make standard based modules so you can mix and match from different vendors. I mean, we can for desktop PCs, why not phones?

If you paint traditionally with little brushes I highly recommend making some grips for them. A bit of plastic clay or Sugru to save the hand cramps.

My friend James (@cerealgeek on birdsite and author of the definitive He-Man/She-Ra cartoon guide: ) and I have been working on an unofficial, old-school He-Man fan-comic, called Masters Of The Universe '85. James has been putting out the pages on birdsite and FB, which is not an ideal distribution strategy for me since I use neither, so I'm gonna repost 'em here for fediverse #MOTU fans. Here are the cover and first page. Enjoy!
#comics #art #illustration #heman

What alternative instance of do you folks recommend as it's going down pretty soon. 🤔 🤠

So what does the freedom loving, presumably Apple hating, fediverse think of this Epic vs Apple fight?

This video makes valid points; namely that both companies are terrible billionaires with the same practices, and you shouldn't fight for them

But it misses 2 important points IMHO:
1. The 1984 reference is a clever play on Apples famous ad. Though still tone deaf.
2. If Epic wins, that might mean an end to the 30% Apple tax for a ton of non-billionaire devs. Important!

Now that #mozilla has expressed their desire for truly free software is diminishing in favor of profits. Maybe check out #librewolf as a firefox alternative

here is a short video about it by @ChrisWere

Just a quick appeal:

@peertube , the Fediverse's video sharing platform, is having a fundraising drive to get PeerTube v3 done, which features lots of major improvements including video livestreaming.

You can find out more and donate to the crowdfunding on the roadmap page:

#PeerTube #Fediverse #ActivityPub #LiveStreaming #LiveStream #Streaming #YouTube #Twitch #Alternatives #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre

We're moving forward on #PeerTube's roadmap!

New moderation tools, work started on plugins and playlists, and much more news to read here

Support @peertube future v3 on

(illustration CC-by @davidrevoy )

Sad that is going down. Now I have to re-add my entire youtube RSS feed on another instance. But I do understand and empathize with why they are taking the instance down.

And this not being the end of the world is what makes opensource and decentralization great! 😁

A prioritization would be to find an instance that is easier to spell than invidious though 😅

Haven't seen till now the homage from Milo #Manara to Albert #Uderzo when he died on March beautiful and sweet. From one giant to another. #comics

Banner Illustrations done for Do join FSF and support their much needed work for free software

Illustration Copyright © 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc., licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

If you want to back up many artists at once, donate to Croquis Cafe Big thanks from me if you do!

This is a study I did some time ago from their photo reference.

You know, I just realized that I'd rather build a community and friends who are interested, who are real than just chasing views on Youtube or Twitter.

Real people. It's nice.

Thanks for the video on the Fediverse on Peertube, @ChrisWere!

It gives me more heart and passion on my work and not care about views or likes now.

Facemasks in the new Gnome store is fun!

But, this is yet another store with merch for a good cause that don't say anything about how their stuff is produced.

Since the clothing industry is terrible, with inhumane, dangerous conditions, even slavery, and terrible environmental impacts, I just don't understand why so many take so lightly on this. Ethical conditions aren't even expensive. I won't support slavery, so I can't buy merch I don't know how is produced.

That's why I love @aptgetshirt.

Well this is the final version. A bit closer to my model I hope :)

And here's full res, other version and all that jazz

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