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Banner Illustrations done for Do join FSF and support their much needed work for free software

Illustration Copyright © 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc., licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

If you want to back up many artists at once, donate to Croquis Cafe Big thanks from me if you do!

This is a study I did some time ago from their photo reference.

You know, I just realized that I'd rather build a community and friends who are interested, who are real than just chasing views on Youtube or Twitter.

Real people. It's nice.

Thanks for the video on the Fediverse on Peertube, @ChrisWere!

It gives me more heart and passion on my work and not care about views or likes now.

Facemasks in the new Gnome store is fun!

But, this is yet another store with merch for a good cause that don't say anything about how their stuff is produced.

Since the clothing industry is terrible, with inhumane, dangerous conditions, even slavery, and terrible environmental impacts, I just don't understand why so many take so lightly on this. Ethical conditions aren't even expensive. I won't support slavery, so I can't buy merch I don't know how is produced.

That's why I love @aptgetshirt.

Well this is the final version. A bit closer to my model I hope :)

And here's full res, other version and all that jazz

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On a related subject, we plan to donate a further $350 USD to the GNU Image Manipulation Program developers later this month to commemorate our first anniversary and the release of 0.2.0.

That will mean in our first year we will have passed $500 USD of our donations back upstream.

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Class is still boring but I havent sketched this frequently in years so that makes me happy

I haven't worked on this in months and months, but I finally put my 3D Asteroids game prototype online: Go check it out!

„Before the War”, see the full version and a description on my website (link in bio).
It gave me a win in 4th round of #unrealbjornament3 but I didn't like it too much.
Funny thing when I tried to overpaint it I could not make it any better without losing the atmosphere.
And so I decided to leave it almost untouched.

#art #artistsonpixelfed #artist #painting #digitalart #digitalpainting #krita #kritaart #illustrator #deerbard #artistforhire #illustratorforhire #commissionsopen #storytelling #bjornament #ub3 #unrealbjornament3 #beforethewar #atmospheric #vintage #wwii #warsaw #warszawa #przedwojennawarszawa

Old worldbuilding art from 5 years ago. I'm sad that most of the critters here were scrapped in the current iteration of that world, but that's life. They would've been in the same universe as my blobby OCs

"[…] I find this deceptive and very concerning. For a number of important reasons, hosting GNU development on a proprietary Microsoft platform should be verboten. And for users to be programatically redirected away from the GNU site to the Microsoft site is ethically criminal, and foreboding institutional death."

#GNU #Microsoft #LibreSoftware

Thanks to @fatboy for the link!


Us, Krita team towards new users: please don't use our beta versions for production.

Deevad, decade long floss user: *casually uses an experimental GSoC branch for production work*

Painting this would've been a lot less difficult had my sister not been trying to add her own touches to it. At what point does siblings stop trying to make your life difficult? 🙃 #mastoart

@Krita Peertube link for the release notes:

(seems unboostable right now because I just changed the visibility and that hasn't propagated yet -_- )

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