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The wolf of Darksouls 1 and the wolf of Sekiro fighting, made by Tooboshoo on Twitter.

Pretty awesome, I just love the world of darksouls 1 and the figure in this really capture the feel of the characters of that world I feel.

Thoughts on social media - update 

Nothing changed when it comes to how I see vs . I still prefer Masto, although I don't get as much interaction as in the old days here. I still use Twitter to repost and that's it since nobody reacts to my tweets.

Recently after a lot of rain we had some mushrooms grow beside our house so I took some photos and did a little study of them!

They were hard to identify XD

Helio is a libre music sequencer designed to help the composer focus on the notes. It runs on all major platforms, including Android! You can compose on the go, and export MIDI files to turn the sketches into full-blown pieces later!
#MusicProduction #LibreAudio #FOSSaudio #MusicComposition #MIDI #Sequencer #Helio #Android

Some people don't use PeerTube but use LBRY instead as their alternative video platform, which is fine but it does not seem to be way to add it to my RSS feed.

Is there any plans or any ways to add LBRY channels as an RSS feed @lbry 🤔

Personally I prefer fediverse platforms like PeerTube but I'd like to view peoples LBRY instead of their de-googled way of viewing YoutTube) feed so they get views and the like.

Because"DuckDuckGoing something" doesn't have the same ring as googling something, my partner just suggested it should be called quacking something instead. Or in German: "etwas Naken".

I've been noodling with making chill synth music before bed to??? make my head shut up? Idk. I liked this one enough to upload it and I hope other people like it too!

Painted a lil cover for it too

May I suggest to people that if somebody replies to you, even if they're telling you something you already knew, or otherwise not actually contributing anything useful, you still like, favourite, up-vote or otherwise express your thanks for that reply. They have no way of knowing what you do, and even if what they're saying doesn't quite line up given the context of the original post, they're still trying to participate in your own conversation.

People talk because they care and that should be taken seriously if you want a good future. And even if a person is wrong you can still gain loads of insight from that.

If people are being this and that it's not your organization's job to argue w them. If your organization/project has resources for that it should be taken up internally during a debrief.

One big issue is that you have no idea who has reached out to you on social media, and you have to consider your responsibility as a platform.

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One thing many projects in the libre software community could benefit from is better community management.

Don't hide behind

"We are not doing it for profit"
"We are doing it for free"
"We have limited resources"

when recieving criticism.

These are true and I think these can be relevant issues to bring up, but when you sideline criticism with it, it seems like you don't own up to the faults.

This does not benefit your social media presence and only your personal needs.

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