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This week I have been working in The Lavit Gallery here in Cork City. At the moment they have the Student of the Year exhibition in association with the Crawford College of Art & Design. I'm helping them package and sort the paintings that were not chosen for the Member's Exhibition coming up next.

Been playing with this pattern, and it reminds me of leaves or kelp so I'm going with green ink for today's #inkyDays drawing. Loving how the yellow ink interacts with the green.

Here's an in-progress image. Finished drawing on my Patreon:

#generative #art #ink #drawing

If you're going to make a pink dragon, you need to really *commit* to the bit.

Gotta make my mind before all slots are gone. The rumor is there's only 100 of them...


Tomorrow the signup period for Unreal Bjornament 3 will start on my twitch stream at 09:10am UK time.
Make sure you have a firestarter account and sign up! It will be craaaazy!


@ChrisTalleras interesting! Didn’t know about the large file plugin for a git repo.
I’m planning to start a collaborative git album, but only using text files, no audio. So tools like sonicpi, super collider, orca, amsynth... only things that can easily be versioned and diffed. Any idea what other tools could work?

How Activists Made the Art World Wake Up to the Climate Crisis

From school strikers at the Royal Shakespeare Company to a Trojan horse at the British Museum, protests over oil sponsorship have gripped the arts #climatecrisis #climateemergency #environment #pollution #art #RX #ExtinctionRebellion #UK

The floating video frame feature in #firefox is a game changer for me. Use it everyday.

And this year's award for worst password requirements goes to Zoom.

Steps to repeat:
Put in a password with spaces. It won't tell you there's a problem, it'll just quietly remove the spaces without telling you.


Now as the Norwegian Nynorsk translation of Mastodon is getting pretty strong, could you change name of Norwegian to "Norwegian Bokmål" in Mastodon as now It's written as the "vanilla" norwegian tongue.

The writing tongues are equal in law in Norway and is very problematic in Norway to put "Bokmål" as the vanilla writing tongue and may even be platforming more imperialistic Norwegian sentiments on Mastodon.

hey if Parasite got yall hungry for more korean film, the Korean Film Archive has a youtube channel with over 200 free subtitled movies

Seems like there are a lot of promising looking peertube instances popping up as well!

Not only that but peertube has gotten a better insance picker now at (20 gb) (Priced hosting) (Unlimited) (20 gb) (unlimited) (For viewing and subscribing to channels only)

Never been better to try peertube!

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