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ok, so, I was already pretty amazed at the variety of art in the artwork section of krita-artists, but now people are doing art games including this thread which is equal parts cute and amazing:

Today and every day we’re thankful for the awesome free and open source projects on which we build. Without these projects, elementary OS would not be what it is today. ❤️

I'd love to have a mastodon calendar bot for a international fixed calendar (Where weeks starts with mondays ofc) but don't know how to set it up or anything.

Is there anyone who are interested in helping me out with this bot?

On January 14th, 2020, your Windows 7 will stop getting support, software updates and security fixes.

This is a huge risk, and you _need_ to switch operating system!

Why not switch to Linux? It's free, and awesome!

Tell your friends. Friends don't let friends run end of life operating systems.

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Drawing I did at a meeting recently! 😀

Kind of want to explore doing more stuff like this

I've just installed the Beta version of @inkscape and I'm very excited #OpenSource 🤓👨‍💻…

Grab yourself a download, and free yourself from the proprietary shackles of Adobe (*other proprietary shackles are available*)

The best #foss #digitalArt software #krita is releasing some krita 4.x tutorials on their official youtube channel..check it out here ....thank you ❤️ @kritafoundation @krita

The #SteamController is currently on a closeout #sale over at #Steam for 5 USD (just the #controller; excluding shipping and possibly salestax):

Can't seem to find an order option on the site here in Norway though, so I guess it's a US-only thing?

#discounts #BlackFriday

Drawing I did at a meeting recently! 😀

Kind of want to explore doing more stuff like this

Hi, guys!

A wonderful politics person I know wants to wrap their head around desentralized social media and the fediverse and is wondering about content (Like articles and stuff) in English to read about it.

Do you guys have any recommendations?

@Gargron surely must know some good stuff

This will surely help out a lot! 😁

I really love that new/current firefox logo and the artstyle in general mozilla is doing for their products

#mozilla #firefox #icon #logo #art #style #design

Are you in #Sydney and use Blender or would like to learn #Blender?

The Sydney Blender User Group is having a meetup tomorrow. Come along :)

#mastoart #3d #opensource

Hello again, recently I've been doing challenge (drawing lots of heads- not sure if I'll manage 50 heads in 10 days, but I'm doing it anyway because it is helping me level up and keep drawing stuff).

When you name your player character in a video game the same as every other player character in every other game you’ve played, it is not the same character, you are merely continuing the first character’s bloodline, á la JoJo’s.

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