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I bet it won't belong before the fediverse explodes in popularity, and when it happens I'm gonna call it the fediverse big bang.

doodle of spessheep

all things considered it's probably not a great sign that my response to someone doing assets for a property I like "wrong" is getting mad and wanting to do it "right" #sketch #art #mastoart #taiidan #homeworld #concept

my ttrpg group is starting a new campaign soon and I'm thinking about my new character... I was trying to draw a less pretty character but i kept pulling back to pretty and then I was like yeahh I know what my bullshit is.

@chriswere My friends and I put together a #podcast. It's a bit bad, but it's kind of supposed to be. It's up on #PeerTube if anyone wants to give it a look.

@Gargron Didn't get a response last time with my other account.

Could you add Nynorsk or "New norwegian" as a language option to translate for on crowdin?

Adding nn_no in addition to the already used nb_no

We have two ways of writing in Norway, and there is kind of like a feud, and not having the option to have newnorwegian kind of fuels the expeirence to have to use "booktongue" which is the norwegian that you can choose on Mastodon.

If you only want to see art/pictures ONLY from me and no boosts, no discussion or ramblings, I recommend that you follow my pixelfed profile which you can follow with you your current mastodon account!

You don't know what @pixelfed is? Well' it's instagram but better and decentralized-federated like mastodon and is made by this dude @dansup

I'll just go ahead and pin this to my profile

This is just a friendly reminder about the fact that UNIX turned 50 years old this year!

One of last year's calendar pieces :) I usually have one piece with a dragon! Last year's theme was "collecting".

Probably gonna reuse the other side of papers from last year's

thinking about

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here's a crop of septembers wallpaper for patreons, if you like a nice long walk or my other comics this is the great way to support them! 🌾🍄🌱🛶

My dream for Mastodon is for it to be a viable choice as a publishing platform for any creator. In other words, for people to not feel like they're locked in to Twitter or Instagram if they want to be professionally successful.

And if you do video stuff, audio stuff or visual art stuff, maybe even professionally I'd recommend trying @ubuntustudio

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