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I lowkey wanna beg one of my friends to join mastodon just so we can post all the shipping art of our ocs on the same tl... also cause their art is good..

@minetest is a great example on how to make it accessible for non tech people to be able to help translating!

Gonna start adding NewNorwegian on minetest tomorow!

anyone ever repair a painting before? i want to keep this painting by my grandfather from deteriorating more

art mastodon pls use #Commissions and/or #CommissionsOpen so i can find you, hashtags are actually useful here, i need art, AND i don't wanna go to Twitter to find it lol :boost_ok:

Is there anyone out there who would dare to set up a International fixed calendar bot account on Mastodon like this one? 😀

Hmmm, I'm interested in joining a roleplay group for D&D or Zweihander. Is there anyone looking for a player or GM in the fediverse?

@host maybe you know about anything? ;)

As last time I featured Pixelfed people, now I'm gonna feature some peertube creators! 😁

(All of these can be subbed to directly from mastodon without an additional account)

@kritafoundation (ofc)

@unfa_channel (Music turtorials and libre software)

@cameron (Linux ramble videos)

@benrob0329 (Gaming and linux stuff)

@chrisweredigital (Linux rambles and other libre software stuff)

@hexdsl (Game reviews, podcasts and linux goodness)

@shonalika (Political)

I want the pinebook pro so much 😭 But even though I'd pay them the money I can't get it because you gotta be a member, and there is a queue! 😭 😭

Why are you doing this to me @PINE64 ? 😪


I made this quick little animation to test out the feasibility of creating animated gifs in Procreate. It worked out alright, but there are timing issues with some frames holding longer than others or not long enough.

Now seems a good a time as any to share some of my alien species! I'll start with these guys, the enigmatic behemoths!

In my storyverse they serve as the ancient creators of all that is and all that will ever be. Or so they like to say, anyway. The behemoths are star gods, old when the universe was young, able to bend space and time to their will with ease.

Though they appear alien and frightening, they are gentle creatures. They love all the universe contains. ❤️

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