Hey, guys! Been a while

Been taking a break and focusing on other things. Particularly with the covid-times. 😥

But I'm ready to go back into things again! 😁

Although, I want a clean slate and start things over. I'm doing a lot of things different now, and I kind of want to start from the ground up and rethink everything.

So I've made a new mastodon.art account here @talleraas that I will start posting on and if you want my art in your timeline then you can go over there.

Cheers 🤠

I learned an important lesson today and wanted to share with my fellow creatives!

Are you struggling brutally right now, confused how many compromises you should make to bring the money and the creative side of your career together? This blog entry does not tell you what to do, who am I to tell you what to do, but maybe this inspires you to look for your own answers:


Hello people of Mastodon ! I'm so happy to be among you ! I'm a little marmot whose story will be told to you by Aryeom and Jehan with a lot of talent and great tools in addition to being libre !

More informations on film.zemarmot.net
Support us on film.zemarmot.net/en/donate

Thank you in advance for your warm welcome ! 🤗 #PleaseBoost

How do you choose color for the lips when painting a realistic-ish portrait?

Calling Inkscape artists!

We've got a fun challenge for you!

Our Inkscape 1.1 About Screen Contest is open and we cannot wait to see what you come up with this time around!

Read up on the contest here:


If you are interested in creative software and opensource I recommend following librearts.org/ that gives regular news and updates on opensource creative software.

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

Chi's been suggesting I start formally hosting my comic somewhere instead of just posting on Twit/Tumblr/Discord every week. I'm not sure what websites should be avoided and what are preferred for this type of thing-- I've heard conflicting things about a lot of comic hosting websites and rules about keeping ownership of your work. Right now I'm currently leaning towards Tapas, but if anyone has any advice or nuggets of wisdom, it would be extremely appreciated.

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@azzi @whoispage @tcannonfodder

Otherwise setting up a wordpress is probably the long term easiest and convenient thing with like domene.shop/ or something.

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@azzi @whoispage

I agree. neocities is a non profit nice little thing!

@tcannonfodder has a nice webcomic setup that you can use for example here: sunday-papers.netlify.app/

Alternatively there is tiddlywiki.com/ which lets you edit and work on yourwebsite as you use it, which is super nifty.

these two would get the amount of work on the neocities page to go down.

The next thing I did was start learning to make scalemaille and chainmaille. I started by making my first set, and from there got better and more creative with simple designs. I'm very proud of this skill now.

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A big ol' tree today. Old work in oils. Im having a hard time painting, getting motivated. Hopefully I'll find my creativity again some time soon.

To all Pepper&Carrot readers, supporters and also to all the Free/Libre and Open Source community, here an illustration I just finished to wish you a wonderful time in this end of year. Happy Holidays!

Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know! #art #illustration #mastoart

I'm cursed... much like jjk is about curses... cursed to fall into another fandom.

Finally some Art again! This is my project for Illustration Fundamentals class, which is all about contructing perspective and people. I learned a lot, and I have a lot more to learn, but this was fun!
Also that character in the foreground is low-key a self portrait because I definitely don't hear anything with my headphones on.

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