started replacing placeholders today, still a lot to do but I'm starting to like the feeling of the walkways
Building 3D enviros is a lot of having faith in an ugly duckling.

#LimeSurvey is a free open alternative to Google Forms.

They've just joined the Fediverse, you can follow them here:


You can find out more about LimeSurvey on their official website:

It's free of charge for people who want to self-host it, and there's also a paid service for people who want managed hosting instead.

#GoogleForms #DeleteGoogle

Kind of got interested in trying out and experience EVE online. Any thoughts?

So, my new tutoring plan is finally done and ready. I love teaching and would appreciate every boost!

For those interested, more information can be found on my dA here:

#art #perspectivedrawing

My first solo song and video is up. Have a listen ^^

This is "Scavenger". Filmed/co-directed by @envgen

@forteller you probably gotta search with the full adress to find it the first tile

The new version of KDE's browser integration extension lets you play, pause and control video and audio playing in your web browser from your Plasma desktop, be it a kitten video on YouTube, a nature program on Netflix, or an art-house movie on Vimeo.

This also means it is integrated with your phone through KDE Connect. Check it out: if your phone rings, your YouTube video pauses while you take the call!

For Firefox:

@eliotberriot idk if its inherently trans-excluding. But you could open up for people being able to chat during the meeting and talk at the same time, and then instead make a document that you write down the meeting info, list of what you are discussing through and everything that has been decided upon.

This might make it more accessible to people that are uncomfortable speaking online with strangers.

I also recommend jitsi as a opensource voice chat

Todays art inspiration is the Canadian landscape painter group called The Group of Seven, and especially A.J. Casson who did mostly waterpaints in this illustrative, expressive form with clear dramatic color blocks and evocative shapes...
Gonna try something in that style

Just got to share my love for mastodon and the fediverse in a lecture about decentralised social media today in Norway, Gjøvik. Pretty fun, and thanks to everyone who showed up to hear me talk.

Next one will be the 30th of april in Bergen city in Norway.

@CorvusRobotica 30th of april. Idk if the FB event is up, but i’ll post more info about it when I know more. I was invited to talk there so don’t know everything yet.

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