I'm finally doing a . Here are some cool people/accounts to check out because they are friendly and inspiring (as always, I never intentionally leave anyone out; hopefully get to like everyone eventually haha):

@Rheall - for art and positivity.

@dona - great paintings

@pollomostro - also a great painter

@deerbard - lots of inspiring art

@katwylder - painting, soap making, and D&D

@ChrisTalleras - Tutorials and unique art

@micahdraws - nice guy, drawing nice guys.

Today's progress. I'm still trying to stay up to reset my sleep schedule, but I'm crashing hard. I want to sleeeeeeep.

my OC Marshmellow, and angel obssesed with what humans deem pure, and into suggesting them how to taint it.

do you remember this old study? i made it something, some months back mastodon.art/@ghaor/1001720124

ever wonder where our teams MIA characters are
idk i dont control them anymore

comfy fall gecko wants you to take it easy.

Inktober 2018 Day 5: Into the Dark forest🌲 🌲 🐺 🌲 🌲

I kinda hate stumbling on a direction, mid-piece, you know will work out better but requires way more work.

"I should plan my lighting better," will be etched on my tombstone.

@jalcine thank you! I'll try to see if I can figure it out this way heheh I've yet to fix it, nowdays I've just mirrored the screen

Also, if you'd like to direct y/our artsy & creative friends to enjoy the power of the :fediverse: of artsy folks, you have many options:


comicscamp.club :squishygecko:


tootplanet.space :tootplanet:



artalley.porn for your :tumblsink: NSFW friends

or search joinMastodon.org :mastodon:

Thanks for supporting the fediverse & inspiring others!

I'm going to be seeing Spider-Verse this weekend and I am so excited for it!! #mastoart #spiderman #spiderverse

@ghaor isn't ben shapiro a jew, I'd find it hard to believe someone with a background like that would be a nazi

@ChrisWere checked out the nokia 105? Super cheap, no camera, lightweight, no web browser but has a inbuilt flash light. Uses mini usb and seems to take a beating at least more than the other nokia you reviewed. Maybe worth a look?

Some cons seems to a bad speaker/microphone and stuff maybe. Dunno though

In a crushing blow to digital rights, Australia has joined the UK in claiming the right to secretly compel tech companies to re-engineer software and hardware so it can be used to spy on their users. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/12/new-

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