Wow! I didn't know playing games on Linux have improved so much over the last few years!
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Prismo is an open federated alternative to sites like Reddit or Hacker News.

It's still under development, but the first instance is online here:

It's been in closed beta for a while, but Prismo now has open sign-ups for the first time.

You can sign up at:

#Prismo #Reddit #HackerNews #Fediverse #ActivityPub

From the 1879 GM's Guide (, the gremlin, an otherworldly entity that appears to originate inside the Rabbit Hole portal. It eats metal and is vulnerable to wood. Some have suggested that gremlins are antibodies attacking the Iron Tunnel that protects the trains passing through the wormhole. Artwork by Christianne Benedict. #fasa1879 #steampunkrpg #steampunk #victorian #monster #creature #art #mastoart

@julloyart yeah, just storing the driver on a external harddrive or usb stick.

Geez, I've been pretty productive today. It's been really hard working as I am still working from the living room and sitting in my bed which makes it kind of hard for meg. Haven't been this productive in a long while.

It's really close though for the place being finished though, there is an electrician coming soon so I have electricity down there.

Just launched the last project of the year! It's been pretty balls to the wall preparing it, sorry for the lack of posts! Here's a poot.

From the 1879 GM's Guide (, the golden sloth, much more tractable than the gengit. The Saurids use these to dispose of any unwanted vegetation, as they'll eat pretty much anything, and for their fiber, which is, as the name suggests, long and golden, and makes nice fabric. Art by Christianne Benedict. #rpg #fasa1879 #lostworld #tabletop_rpg #gaming #games #art #mastoart #creature #monster

There are a couple of open source automated #Translation sites available.

Both are still under development so they lack some languages/features, but you can try them already on their demo sites:



#AlternativesAtoZ #Langauges


also finally trying to nail down designs for some characters that don't have 'em yet

i was doing freelance stuff ALL WEEKEND and hoo boy that makes me wanna work on my own stuff/worldbuilding like nothing else lmao

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