"The first blood of my war"

a full tribute of my love for Amenra

I still can’t believe that I heard them live in Moscow
keep my love for them and for the strong images that their music leave in my head
~ 40x60, , ,

Posting this before I even hand i in!
For class we had to take a photo (original taken by me) and convert it into this low poly style that I find pretty tacky tbh 😂 But despite that I'm quite happy how it turned out~ Lots of busywork.

Is there like a guide thing with the picture formats that fits with Pixelfed? @pixelfed

Is there like a guide thing with the picture formats that fits with Mastodon? @Gargron


I made a Coloring Book for my DnD Monster Inktobers! I LOVE how these guys turned out! They are absolutely available for sale on my Etsy now!

If you’ve ever wanted to buy work from me, now is a VERY good time as all of my conventions for this season have been cancelled! Purchasing through my etsy is the main way I’m making a living atm and it helps a lot!

Imagine using closed source software to connect with the fediverse

Feel like the old grey matter's done a runner today.

@wobblysaeeda @ScribbleAddict

Yeah, something like Fiverr doesn't seem to be a good thing if you do like proper freelance stuff. It's hard to have a set price when different clients have different types of needs and and the worth also gets affected by how big the client is.

But if it can just add a little income it would be worth it I guess as long as it's not too much hassle.


That's a shame. It's hard getting one's name out there.

i think your art is great for example, you got a great scope to things, and it's not all portraits. I think as fast as you get a little further with the finish of the pieces you must be getting some big job oppertunities for sure!

Okay, folks - there hasn't been a round of A Whale's Lantern for a while because, simple as it is, life has been incredibly busy. How do y'all feel about having one now? Good idea to distract you? Bad idea because life sucks? Let me know.

In any case, I hope you're all safe and healthy and have some good company if you like company. Also, feel free to send me your bandcamp links so I have something to listen to while social distancing like a pro.

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