I'm so glad this isn't even a topic of discussion here in Norway

BTW, is there like a name for Linux distros that are practically only a browser.

I find it kind of difficult to search for these browser linuxes as only browsers FOR the linuxes come up 😅

Would be cool if there were specific graphics for distros too

Do anyone know any good graphics that explain what a linux distro is made out of to learn more about linux?

I duckduckgoed but thought maybe someone know a really good one, particurarly as I'm a noob


Is this on linux?

If you can't capture it with normal screen capture you can try to window capture and then place that into the broadcasting screen

Finally someone says something that makes sense about this.

Watch "Stop using VPNs." on YouTube

I am so sick of VPN services being shilled by all YouTube channels...

#VPN #NordVPN #VPNShill #Privacy #Security


yeah, totally.

I actually have som kinship to their norwegian voices which was pretty well dubbed and was what I grew up with.

Even has one of my all time favorite artists; Mike Mignola working on it.

Disney's atlantis has a lot of problems but a movie near and dear to my heart from my childhood. Can't remember how many times I've watched it over and over on cassette.

Good video essay



Maybe this means there will be news for the Daily Half-life 3 update 😂

Doing a project currently where we have to make an original composition that looks like it could be a specific illustrator’s work. I’m doing a piece inspired by Shaun Tan, so these are some thumbnail sketches and studies of some of his buildings from The Arrival. Still not really sure what I’m doing yet... but it'll be fun I think

Open source games day.

!opensource command to see the list.

Has a raffle as well to pick the games. I don't give a fuck if only one person picks them all though. :D

Pleb [ENG/FIN] [18+]



Discussing loli art (Fuck loli art) 

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