Doing some 10 USD digital drawings again for the weekend! 🎨

I'll do your character, creature or animal in my style. Just PM a reply to this toot and we'll figure out the details 😉

BE QUICK! Last time some were too late and and didn't get a slot

Drawing I did at a meeting recently! 😀

Kind of want to explore doing more stuff like this

Made this Fire snake creature from the D&D monster manual at the end of the stream today!

Do you like it? 😁

Everyone should check out Lorenzo's music!

They do music with a free licence making their music using libre software and their music is really good!

There is also a peertube mirror channel with some of their music videos that you can follow in the fediverse called @lorenzosmirror

Happy plato day! 🙌

(This was the day he apparently died and was born, as he died on his birthday. Some suggest he might have poisoned himself to die at a age-number that is holy)

Wanted to do a fun portrait but didn't have time as I was at work today as well, but I'll try to finish it tomorow!

I see it this year too, people «doing» inktober digitally. I remember Jake Parker (creator of the challenge) tried to speak out against it but got rage mobbed so hard he lmost quit social media.

People are way too obsessed with social media interactions it seems, or too concerned with doing badly, and are not in it for the challenge itself.

IDK, it’s not a community of artists I want to be a part of, or be associated with..

Do you guys think there would be problems with wizards of the coast if I put up some forgotten realms assets I've made on patreon and gumroad?

Basicly like maps and stuff I've made based on their stuff.

Started working on this opensource jesus on the minetest creative thing @ChrisWere is doing for his stream.

Time for bed, long time since I've been up this late.

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