Since there are so many new people I think this is a good time to share some really cool masto artists to follow! 😁










You can also check my follow list for more stuff like Libre software type stuff and shit

And if you'd like to follow me on pixelfed you just either do it at @Christalleras

or just go to my pixelfed profile:

There is an RSS feed for the pixelfed and everything on the pixfed profile. I post motsly art there, and I think is a better account to follow if you only want my art.

Need a matrix community chat about art?


Well, join us at

or use this link:!WdjQZIGxlQMckJPVS

Matrix is a decentralized discord-like chat service.

Just got my new roleplay-book called !!

It's awesome, really everything I'd want in a warhammer-like roleplay game! Can't wait to play this and make stuff for it!!

And it has really cool old timy warhammer-like art!!

Made a sketch of my new D&D character for the session this weekend!

His name is Eilend Sinderlin and is a great old one worshiping warlock that summons invisible helpers and can bewitch people to do his bidding.

Drawn & drafted has updated their ARTCAMP pdfs

These are really helpfull for growing artists wanting to learn about freelancing, portfolio and marketing for artists.

They are sold at a "pay what you want" price, but make sure to give them at least a little cent for their good work!

Hey, it seems I have like 780 points on deviantart and I am about to delete my account. Is it worth anything or can be used for anything? Such a useless thing. I guess as I didn't pay for it its not much trouble but would be a waste if can be used for anything.

This is a cool goal @Curator !

Guys if this goal is reached there will be done community commission for the fediverse!

You can support and help this giant community running at

I wanted to take a picture of this years awesome nationalday in Norway but didnt get the chance.

Made this guy finger drawing on an Ipad though

Pictures I've taken with my shitty Kodak EasyShare M530 camera together with @olabirk

Pretty fun to do stuff with a shitty camera haha

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