@minetest is a great example on how to make it accessible for non tech people to be able to help translating!


Gonna start adding NewNorwegian on minetest tomorow!

I want the pinebook pro so much 😭 But even though I'd pay them the money I can't get it because you gotta be a member, and there is a queue! 😭 😭

Why are you doing this to me @PINE64 ? 😪


That thelio review by was super interesting. Libre software and machinery is really hitting hard AND ITS GREAT! 😁

I'm pretty happy about / , been using it a lot lately. A great step forward for decentralized community chatting! :D

Another lecture/presentation about decebtralized social media, and this time in Lillehammer my hometown! I was hoping for a bit more people TBH. But hey were all new people that hadnt heard of it before.

And thanks to @innlandet for inviting me and setting up a place and snacks!

Unity is coming to linux!


It's not libre & opensource or anything but cool to have more stuff for linux natively! I've heard that ableton is going to linux too but can't confirm it yet.

The youtube notification system just got worse...

now they've added recommended there also. 🤢 😖

Can't wait to delete my google account also and just watch stuff with RSS!

Going back to Manjaro now, will be interesting to see how it has changed.

What would be a neat easy start for a new open-source gamestudio? I'm thinking stuff like tetris. Any good ideas I can pass on?

Since open.audio has gotten a lot of fuzz today I thought I'd share my playlist featuring various types of artists.


Hopefully people discover some great music!

Is it possible to have wordpress pageview analytics without it being invasive? If so, any suggestions for plug-inns and similar?

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