If you are interested in creative software and opensource I recommend following librearts.org/ that gives regular news and updates on opensource creative software.

Do people think mailchimp is alright to use for mailinglists?

I cant host my own mailinglist server and I need to have it maintsined by itself.

But maybe there are good akternatives out there thst you dont have to host yourself?

Sad that invido.us is going down. Now I have to re-add my entire youtube RSS feed on another instance. But I do understand and empathize with why they are taking the instance down.

And this not being the end of the world is what makes opensource and decentralization great! 😁

A prioritization would be to find an instance that is easier to spell than invidious though πŸ˜…

Just joined the "Opensource design forum" at opensourcedesign.net/

Seems like a pretty neat place has a lot of neat resources as well as job postings for projects that are opensource.

I've now officially started a subscription to and !

NewsBlur is a online RSS feed so that you can have the same RSS feed on several devices and is suuuper good!


TheGood.cloud is a nextcloud instance that does cloud storage from the netherlands without collecting your private information!


It's all opensource as well! 😁

This article makes me worried about the future of Linux and the linux Foundation.

It talks about how former Microsoft-people who actively critizise Linux and GPL are people who are running blogs and the like for the linux foundation and how they are promoting microsofts services like GitHub for opensource.


Are people actually using crypto currency to buy or sell stuff? As an artist is it worth researchung snd making use of to do that. Just seems like people use it for stocks/gambling type things.

Oh woaw! A new opensource game made on the Godot engine/game editor!!


"Lurking in the Dark, a clever 2D game about climbing a dark tower that was made during the GMTK Game Jam last year has been made open source."

1) I need a good source on email encryption and the dangers of unencrypted email.

2) I also would like aneat source one can read further about privacy and security in the digital world!

This is for a very important political document and I need it by tomorow! :star_eyes:


If you are looking to change your windows 7 installation as artist, why not go with Linux?

Linux is free of cost and will always have support for your computer. Really, it has never been a better time to make the switch! 😁

Here are two types of linuxes that might grab your attention:

1. @elementary elementary.io/

2. @ubuntustudio ubuntustudio.org/

AAAND even better! I've also just ordered a from @PINE64 !!!

Can't wait to use it for art, organizational work and traveling.

And MOST important of all it's gonna be a safehaven for ONLY opensource sowtfare! 😈

I've been thinking that working on marketing for libre projects would be awesome!

Is there anyone on the fediverse I could talk to about getting a leg into that industry?

And I'm not talking about just drawings and illustrations but graphics, photoediting and videos, and finally ideas / marketing strategies.

I think I could be a great asset to projects out there.

Please share!


One of the most fun linux vids I've seen in a while πŸ˜…

"Linux Users are Crazy! - 5 Paradoxes of the FOSS world"


I wish InfinitelyGalactic got on the fediverse

I'd love to have a mastodon calendar bot for a international fixed calendar (Where weeks starts with mondays ofc) but don't know how to set it up or anything.

Is there anyone who are interested in helping me out with this bot?

Hi, guys!

A wonderful politics person I know wants to wrap their head around desentralized social media and the fediverse and is wondering about content (Like articles and stuff) in English to read about it.

Do you guys have any recommendations?

@Gargron surely must know some good stuff

This will surely help out a lot! 😁

If I were to recommend 3 distros to people new to Linux I'd go for:

- PopOS
- Elementary OS
- Manjaro OS

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