If I were to recommend 3 distros to people new to Linux I'd go for:

- PopOS
- Elementary OS
- Manjaro OS

@minetest is a great example on how to make it accessible for non tech people to be able to help translating!


Gonna start adding NewNorwegian on minetest tomorow!

I want the pinebook pro so much 😭 But even though I'd pay them the money I can't get it because you gotta be a member, and there is a queue! 😭 😭

Why are you doing this to me @PINE64 ? 😪


Got a add on YouTube. I must say ive never been happier to watch an add!!

They should get on the fediverse!

That thelio review by was super interesting. Libre software and machinery is really hitting hard AND ITS GREAT! 😁

I'm pretty happy about / , been using it a lot lately. A great step forward for decentralized community chatting! :D

Unity is coming to linux!


It's not libre & opensource or anything but cool to have more stuff for linux natively! I've heard that ableton is going to linux too but can't confirm it yet.

Eyy, I'm back. been kind of busy. Going to give good ol update.

But firsty I got a Ipad for the political organization I do stuff for and I want to opensource it in fun ways.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Also I need some tools or apps for stuff like
-EMail client
and so on

I already use the duckduckgo, browser as I already use that on my android phone

I'm using nextcloud for the first time using thegood.cloud and it's awesome! Such a good service! Never coming back google drive!

What would be a neat easy start for a new open-source gamestudio? I'm thinking stuff like tetris. Any good ideas I can pass on?

Is it possible to have wordpress pageview analytics without it being invasive? If so, any suggestions for plug-inns and similar?

I wish Blender didn't just mass post their videos at once on Peertube. Becomes too much and then I find it harder to check out any of the videos. Gotta spread them around

like butter 😅

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