It saddens me when people make great videos and are with that adding loads of cool art and the like BUT then don't credit any of the artists.

As I'm working on my fantasy setting/game world I'm thinking about what to include in the book and what to keep out.

* Introduction (obviously)

* The world of midfar

(Which includes worldmap, myths and legends and information about the gods)

* Core races

* (And finally) The kingdoms of Midfar

It's not gonna be like a gamemaster's guide, but rather a light introduction to the world.

Do you got any ideas for anything I have to add?

@artwork posts a lot of cool art to the fediverse, it's only a shame that it never credits anything.

Makes me kind of annoyed because I want to boost a lot of it but I'd feel bad for promoting art without it being credited properly.

Makes me want to block it to escape this dilemma.

A painting sketch I made during a national event a little while ago.

A friend thought it looked like an ant, and I'm inclined to agree it kind of looks insect-like.

MyPaint 2.0 is out!

"MyPaint is one of the top open source alternatives to Microsoft Paint. It’s a handy little tool that allows you to quickly sketch and draw. While there are more sophisticated open source tools for digital artists like Krita, MyPaint is not too bad for light sketching."

Personally mypaint is the best program for sketching! Check it out!

Look what I got in the mail.

It's the artbook for / ; the web series.

Gotta support them european project even though it's by potato speaking danishfolks.

Kind of mixed first impression but I'll have a good read through.

The unreal bjornament season 3 has started!

Join today! (57/100) slots are already taken and a lot of the competitors are crazy good!

"1v1 thunderdome style art comeptition from the early days of!"

Judges are:

- Ben Mauro -

- Even Mehl Amundsen -

- Jana Schirmer -

Friendica might be a superior experience when following artists on the fediverse I've found.

Looking at art is pretty great.


Drew this while visiting Green Youth of Sweden's national meeting as a international guest.

The people I've met here are all so cool, fresh and lean! And the abundance of candy and tasty snacks is something I'll regret later for sure.

Great stuff and thank you

A comic I did for Green youth of Norway in which I am central-boardmember of.

Posted this on my pixelfed @Christalleras already.

It's regarding a norwegian politician "Siv Jensen" threatening to leave government if the sick IS/ISIL kids get rescued home and the spokepeople of Green youth responding to that.

I want that we start having our own and trends here on Mastodon. I'll see if I can do something cool by the end of today.

Tried a new thing while installing vanilla debian minimal install and going 100% libre software!

Not my usual style but interesting!


If you are looking to change your windows 7 installation as artist, why not go with Linux?

Linux is free of cost and will always have support for your computer. Really, it has never been a better time to make the switch! 😁

Here are two types of linuxes that might grab your attention:

1. @elementary

2. @ubuntustudio

I've updated my FunkeWhale playlist with awesome Creative commons music!

You'll need to register a funkwhale account to listen, but that is all. Hope you enjoy and find some awesome music! :D

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