I see it this year too, people «doing» inktober digitally. I remember Jake Parker (creator of the challenge) tried to speak out against it but got rage mobbed so hard he lmost quit social media.

People are way too obsessed with social media interactions it seems, or too concerned with doing badly, and are not in it for the challenge itself.

IDK, it’s not a community of artists I want to be a part of, or be associated with..

Do you guys think there would be problems with wizards of the coast if I put up some forgotten realms assets I've made on patreon and gumroad?

Basicly like maps and stuff I've made based on their stuff.

Started working on this opensource jesus on the minetest creative thing @ChrisWere is doing for his stream.


Time for bed, long time since I've been up this late.

If you only want to see art/pictures ONLY from me and no boosts, no discussion or ramblings, I recommend that you follow my pixelfed profile which you can follow with you your current mastodon account!


You don't know what @pixelfed is? Well' it's instagram but better and decentralized-federated like mastodon and is made by this dude @dansup

I'll just go ahead and pin this to my profile



Here is my first mascot idea for you!

Get to know the glimpse witch!

Not a traditional mascot type design, I know, but made my heart smile and I hope it makes your hearts smile too. 😁

Since there are so many new people I think this is a good time to share some really cool masto artists to follow! 😁










You can also check my follow list for more stuff like Libre software type stuff and shit

And if you'd like to follow me on pixelfed you just either do it at @Christalleras

or just go to my pixelfed profile: pixelfed.social/Christalleras

There is an RSS feed for the pixelfed and everything on the pixfed profile. I post motsly art there, and I think is a better account to follow if you only want my art.

I want to dedicate my followfriday to pixelfed as federation is getting better and I'm sure people want some gud pixfed content! 😁

Low poly art:

Traditional art:

Digital art and life stuff:

Digital art and concepts:

Creator of pixelfed:

Linux graphics, memes and such:

Various type art:

Experimental photo/art:

Graphity like abstract illustrations:

Need a matrix community chat about art?


Well, join us at realmofcreatives:matrix.org

or use this link: matrix.to/#/!WdjQZIGxlQMckJPVS

Matrix is a decentralized discord-like chat service.

Just got my new roleplay-book called !!

It's awesome, really everything I'd want in a warhammer-like roleplay game! Can't wait to play this and make stuff for it!!

And it has really cool old timy warhammer-like art!!

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