Made this Fire snake creature from the D&D monster manual at the end of the stream today!

Do you like it? 😁

Everyone should check out Lorenzo's music!

They do music with a free licence making their music using libre software and their music is really good!

There is also a peertube mirror channel with some of their music videos that you can follow in the fediverse called @lorenzosmirror

Many may not know but I also have my own Mastodon instance called that is used to push the use of Mastodon in Norway.

There I have a Norwegian account for politics and other Norwegian matters called @christoffer that you can follow if you understand Norwegian.

I also do like talks and presentations on decentralized social media.

If you are in Norway and want me to come, reach out there ;)

Happy plato day! 🙌

(This was the day he apparently died and was born, as he died on his birthday. Some suggest he might have poisoned himself to die at a age-number that is holy)

Wanted to do a fun portrait but didn't have time as I was at work today as well, but I'll try to finish it tomorow!

Gonna be a tough month so I thought I'd do some commissions for the fediverse.

Anyone want some 10 Euro sketch/drawing commissions from me in my style?

The new is out!

Unfortunately it doesn't let you use the old steam library which I think it's unforutnate, but I might run all my games through the lutris client anyway.

Here is my house finished in the mastocraft server, and also a map of the area I live in.

I live pretty close to the citadel which is pretty close to finished, pretty bangers work done by @Ayior

I've gotten and to work again! Thought it would be a neat oppertunity to do a screenshot sunday of my desktop!

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