Just posted the assignment for december on patreon! 😱 :star_eyes:

December assignment: Geometric abstractions of the human head

Link: patreon.com/posts/23269016

Hmm, I kind of like where this is going. Coould do more stuff like this

Since I live so close to the library now I thought I'd start loaning some books starting with the Wheel of time which I've never read but heard is good :dali_persistance:

Another page today done in the library! 😄 if only there was desks left 😛

And I'm a big boy now, I filled my thermo-can with coffee :dali_persistance:

How are you guys doing?

One of our city statues in Lillehammer. It's a depiction from when the "birkebeiners" escaped with the son of the suddenly dead king on skis saving the royal line or something.

And today there is a long ski-track that people take by the thousands named after those warriors.

Here is the December assignment if anyone missed that!


It's too late to get feedback as a patron, but it can still be fun and beneficial to do it! 😁

December assignment feedback for my patreons are posted now! :D


Feel free to do the assignment for November if you are interested! The assignment for December will come real soon!

My workspace for a couple of days. Already missing my giant drafting-table. RIP 😥

Instead of showing my own desktop this Sunday I thought to take a moment to show my mom's desktop! 😁

Her laptop is kind of slow and and I think there is a lot of dust in it making it heat up a lot, but it's also really hard to open and do stuff with.

But yeah, since it's slow we went for the @lubuntu distro. I also helped her customize her desktop thing, but she is able to do most of that stuff herself.


Got suprised going to a board-meeting at the library!

Seems like the Library over there use Linux!! Couldn't recognize the logo but so awesome to see, they gotta do that in our commune too! 😊

Don't know if I will have more time today to work on my selfportrait, but this is where I am at the moment

I made this in middle-school. It's like a drawing pad to draw on top on and it's a bit used heheh. But I'm a bit torn, I have a new one that I like better but I don't know if I should throw away the old one

So I wonder if maybe someone would want to buy it off me? Maybe I could make a new illustration to put in it?

PM me if you are interested. If there is any interest it will go to the highest bidder.

Found some of my old comics. I was a big Spiderman & DareDevil fan. But even better was the phantom which I had a membership in and got monthly the stuff. I also liked FantDonald. I was around 7 years old when I got these

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