Been thinking of developing this character a bit, could be a cool dude to try out with a test d&d type comic.

Also, thinking of joining Instagram pretty soon to get more of a reach for my art and then hopefully drag more people here. I don't know though.

The wolf of Darksouls 1 and the wolf of Sekiro fighting, made by Tooboshoo on Twitter.

Pretty awesome, I just love the world of darksouls 1 and the figure in this really capture the feel of the characters of that world I feel.

Just joined the "Opensource design forum" at

Seems like a pretty neat place has a lot of neat resources as well as job postings for projects that are opensource.

Mark Witton with a blog post on the new Spinosaurus and spinosaurus tail from an artist perspective. 🀠

The internet artists of the world have gone wild for this new spinosaurus reconstruction! :star_eyes:

Seems like PopOS is gonna be the deal for media production having stuff like davinci resolve and all. Could this be the start of linux and PopOS becoming the popular distro and OS for media production, programming and engineering as well as being a super good noob-friendly distro?

Darn System76 seems to have outdone themselves. Can't wait to try it and recommend it to industry art and media production people that want something good and professional.

The artist youtuber Mohammed Agbadi is pretty fire! πŸ˜€

And what I really appreciate is that he is really good at using his platform to feature other undiscovered artists!

Found this comic pretty engaging 🀠

"I wanted to get down how I've been feeling for the last few weeks. It feels like a spectre of futility has been hanging over me every time I try to make art. Should I even bother? It makes no difference to the global trauma we all face... but it's all I can do."

Submitted my work for round 2 of the Unreal Bjornament earlier today! 🀠

This time it's me Vs. a guy named Slumpen.

Topic this round is:

DARKLY EVER AFTER (dark fairytale)

You can see the announcement here:

I've now officially started a subscription to and !

NewsBlur is a online RSS feed so that you can have the same RSS feed on several devices and is suuuper good! is a nextcloud instance that does cloud storage from the netherlands without collecting your private information!

It's all opensource as well! 😁

Yesterday I got my yesterday from @PINE64 !!! :star_eyes:

Didn't post yesterday beccause I wanted time with the laptop for myself before I sharing it with everyone! πŸ˜…

It's super neat and will really be helpfull for various work. And Pine64 does not do enough of a job showing off how thin and slick this laptop is! (Me neither though)

Last screenshot is my current setup on it, while the second last picture is a screenshot right after booting it!

A painting sketch I made during a national event a little while ago.

A friend thought it looked like an ant, and I'm inclined to agree it kind of looks insect-like.

Also got a original drawing!

I was skeptical at first, but then I tried easing some of the pencil lines and Yes it is in fact not a print!

Not sure how unique it is, but a nice gesture from sun creature studio and love the hands

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Look what I got in the mail.

It's the artbook for / ; the web series.

Gotta support them european project even though it's by potato speaking danishfolks.

Kind of mixed first impression but I'll have a good read through.

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