I want the pinebook pro so much 😭 But even though I'd pay them the money I can't get it because you gotta be a member, and there is a queue! 😭 😭

Why are you doing this to me @PINE64 ? 😪


If you don’t like spiders, don’t read this 

Did you know you can have cool and customizable timelines like me on Mastodon?

Yes, just turn on advanced interface like shown in the second picture! 😁

People might also not know Mastodon is not the only type of social media sites that interact here.

There is also:

@pixelfed (Like Instagram)

Peertube (Like YouTube)

(You can see how they look in the pictures in the order that they are mentioned)

You can find more decentralized social media platforms at fediverse.party/

And if you'd like to follow me on pixelfed you just either do it at @Christalleras

or just go to my pixelfed profile: pixelfed.social/Christalleras

There is an RSS feed for the pixelfed and everything on the pixfed profile. I post motsly art there, and I think is a better account to follow if you only want my art.

I want to dedicate my followfriday to pixelfed as federation is getting better and I'm sure people want some gud pixfed content! 😁

Low poly art:

Traditional art:

Digital art and life stuff:

Digital art and concepts:

Creator of pixelfed:

Linux graphics, memes and such:

Various type art:

Experimental photo/art:

Graphity like abstract illustrations:

Need a matrix community chat about art?


Well, join us at realmofcreatives:matrix.org

or use this link: matrix.to/#/!WdjQZIGxlQMckJPVS

Matrix is a decentralized discord-like chat service.

Happy to have my Norwegian flagship instance grow so much and have so much activity with a whole 38 users and 551 toots!

If you are Norwegian feel free to make an account at snabelen.no

Just learned that in control has died from a blood clot

I've not really followed his journey that closely, but always been aware of him from starcraft and through other youtubers

Last time I saw him was in the D&D campaign "Of dice and men" which started last week and was genuinely excited for

but now to hear him dead really made an effect on me with how anyone can vanish

Take care people

It's also really big and heavy!

Look in comparison to my three D&D books!

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