Who are the cool kids on the block of the fediverse?

Been a while now, so I wonder who are the big cool exciting people to follow on the fediverse nowdays?


@ChrisTalleras The cool people on the fediverse are not big. The cool people are small communities of interesting people. Fame and centralization are actively discouraged both by the culture and the design of hte software itself. It's more intimate. Birdsite and YouTube and Twitch and such have economies of scale to enable power-law distributions and centralized/famous/viral stuff. What I like most about the fediverse is that it is more about relationships and community.


We've had a lot og big guys, it's just that the deathrate on the fediverse is just so super quick and frequent.

Not only that but the biggest of the fediverse will be the face of it wether we like them or not, so it's good to do some fediverse gardening!

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