Yesterday I got my yesterday from @PINE64 !!! :star_eyes:

Didn't post yesterday beccause I wanted time with the laptop for myself before I sharing it with everyone! πŸ˜…

It's super neat and will really be helpfull for various work. And Pine64 does not do enough of a job showing off how thin and slick this laptop is! (Me neither though)

Last screenshot is my current setup on it, while the second last picture is a screenshot right after booting it!

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@ChrisTalleras That is super cool! I've been interested in this company for a while. Really cool to see someone I know ordering a PineBook Pro. Thanks for sharing :D

@ChrisTalleras if you don't mind me asking, how much in kroner did you end up paying for it after shipping, import, taxes and clearance fees?


It is powered by a singleboard computer, so for being that it's relatively good amount of ram!

And if one is good at keeping the bloat away 4 Gb should more than enough on a paper thing laptop!

@ChrisTalleras @PINE64 Yeah it's definitely heavier than I was expecting, but the #PineBookPro is otherwise *way* slicker than I was expecting. Looks and feels a lot nicer than anything else I've seen anywhere near as affordable (and that's even before you notice how much easier it is to see things on the matte screen compared to the horrible glossiness of most laptops out there these days!). And the branding is wonderfully subtle :)

@ChrisTalleras @PINE64

Sounds good, what is battery runtime and do you have dead pixels?

Unfortunately they say in webstore that this is not a defect, even 2-3 pixels, imo it is not good quality control.


Pine64 is a non profit community organization and it's somewhat experimental which should be considered when buying it.

They also make changes and improve stuff between batches so it over time gets a nicer and nicer finish.

I have no dead pixels, and the battery seems to last 5 hours on average if one is just doing casual use.

@pcm @ChrisTalleras

The dead pixel clause is there because these devices are sold at cost -- PINE64 makes *zero* profit off them. People trying to get RMAs/refunds for tiny imperfections could have a massive negative effect on the business side of things.

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