What are news and media stuff on the fediverse?

I'm interested in seeing what news and media coverage there are on the fediverse. Only one I know is @gamingonlinux which cover games.

I have a huge preference for libre software type stuff and non profit and community-built organizations. 😁

@Chris Talleras🎨🇳🇴 There's @Android Privacy and Security (AP) for android privacy and security news coverage, @Libre Lounge a podcast about free and open source software and stuff, @Linux that posts news tidbits about linux and related stuff, @OCCRP the Organized Crime & Corruption Reporting Project, @PhantaNews posting news and trailers for sci-fi, fantasy, horror and related genres, @Privacy International a privacy oriented news and activism network, @We Distribute a blog about distrubuted/federated networks, @Strange Vistas a blog with movie reviews, @Nina H Pixie ☥ the host of a alternative music radio program.

Not sure if all/any of these fall within what you were looking for, but those are some of those that immediately spring to my mind at least. Some of them are probably also unreachable from a pure "ActivityPub" node, while most of them should be within reach. You'll find out :)


Tusen takk! Håpte eigentleg på vanlege nyheitar, men er jo sjølvsagt tech og disse type greiene eg likar.

Har do nokon vanlege nyheitar også?

@Chris Talleras🎨🇳🇴 Nei, desverre. Ikke annet enn RSS-boter eller kanaler. Selv synes jeg det blir litt slitsomt. Foretrekker RSS i RSS-leseren min.


Gjer det sjølv (Altså å følje nyheitar og videoar på RSS lesaren min liferea), men dei burde jo også være tilstedet på sosiale medier og kan bli ein god follow friday i framtia.

@Chris Talleras🎨🇳🇴 Enig i det, men være tilstede som at man kan ha en dialog med dem heller enn at det bare dumper en rss-strøm hit.

@harald Ja! Er det eg tenkjer på. Kjedelig å fylje sjele-lause brukarar som ikkje eigentleg er ien del av fødiverset

@ChrisTalleras @gamingonlinux We're a show about User Freedom- especially the ethics and philosophy put into action and we have done a deep dirve on the ActivityPub protocol.

@librelounge @ChrisTalleras @gamingonlinux I'm the host of The Self Hosted Podcast that was originally about taking control of your privacy and data using #yunohost but it has evolved into encompass the #fediverse as a whole. I try to keep up with news and showcase apps. You can find it on all major podcast apps as well as some of it on Peertube and Lbry. Its not a technical podcast and is produced from a user's perspective.

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