Seems like there are a lot of promising looking peertube instances popping up as well!

Not only that but peertube has gotten a better insance picker now at (20 gb) (Priced hosting) (Unlimited) (20 gb) (unlimited) (For viewing and subscribing to channels only)

Never been better to try peertube!

@ChrisTalleras So we can comment on Peertube with our Mastodon accounts, but can we also sign in to a Peertube instance with Mastodon credentials? No?

@aujawindar No, you can only log in to the instance you are registered to

But the accounts on peertube will show up here and the videos as mastodon toots. This means that if you reply to a video here on mastodon it will show up as a comment on the video in peertube.

Here are some example channels you can try experimenting with if you'd like.





@ChrisTalleras Thanks. I notice that all the channels you recommended are on And I already enjoyed Lorenzo's music on Funkwhale.

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