I've updated my FunkeWhale playlist with awesome Creative commons music!

You'll need to register a funkwhale account to listen, but that is all. Hope you enjoy and find some awesome music! :D

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I should check out funkwhale. I've seen some advocate though that it is a vehicle for piracy.

@Clifford only holds creative commons/public domain music, but I'm sure other instances do it.

But honestly it's up to the nation in which the server resides in to regulate their own servers and not the platforms, same issue is with all decentralized platforms.


I'm glad you like it! 😁

And it really shows how awesome (creative commons & public domain) Free culture music is also!

@ChrisTalleras You are right, we have only to find a way to generate free-money for the creative people 🤑

@laravista Most of the ones in this playlist has a bandcamp to donate to or similar.

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