Seems like a lot of mastodon accounts have died. I remember so many that I never see around anymore. I guess that's how things are on social media, and it seems like there are a loot of new peeps as well.

@ChrisTalleras That's how it is for every website and service.

@hund @ChrisTalleras

yeah, still kind of sad though. Happy that those that have stayed, stayed though.


I think that's pretty common for "new" platforms in general; they gain some attention but doesn't go anywhere. That's been the case for many libré social media and chat interfaces.

However Mastodon is overall growing and keeping it's attention, something say GNU Social or Diaspora* has had issues with.

Also there's something to be said for people going inactive, then becoming active later again; initially my account were left inactive for over half a year, before I started using it for real.

@katnjia Yeah, I'm hoping to see more people back in action! Kind of miss a lot of people to be honest. :(

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