You english speaking bafoons will never understand feeling of actually being able to toot in your own mothertongue.

Everything feels so more natural and less effort. I feel like I can express myself fully.

But you bafoons will never experience this as you write in your mothertongue every day! 😜

Well, just, specially for you.

Я очень рад за тебя! Надеюсь, что ты и дальше продолжишь раскрывать себя полностью на своём языке!


Just to make it easier for you: "I am happy for you! Hope you will continue to fully express yourself in your mothertongue"!

Be awesome

@ChrisTalleras Du snakker sant, men uten engelsk hvordan skal vi snakker med andre ?

På norsk ? Har du noen sett en franskmann lærer seg norsk ? :blobcatthinking:

(Beklager noen grammatiske feil, morsmålet mitt er fransk :blobpeek: )


E veldig bra norsk detta!

Eg vill gjerne sjå meir forskjellige språk brukt i fødiverset!

Might become a thing for this week's follow friday

(this is nynorsk btw)

Tusen takk (Jeg håper jeg forstått alt fra tooten din, jeg lærer meg bokmål, ikke nynorsk 😅 )

Jeg også vil gjerne se mer forskjellige språk på fødiverset !

Takk til deg (og spesielt jeg møtt og følger folk som toot på norsk og noen ganger fant meg å lese på norsk :blobcat:

Jeg tror en følg fredag med mennesker fra hele verden og hele språk kan være veldig bra !


Veldig kult! Eg e glad snabelen e noko som lik og setter pris på!

Og det blir jælma kult, blir nok det på Fredag! 😁

@ChrisTalleras Go for it! What is stopping you? There is always Translation when I want to read something not in English, or not clear. I like to see written Norsk anyways.



The Norwegian that I write might be harder to translate though. My "writing-tongue" isn't represented on google translate for example even though New-norwegian and booktongue is set as equal in Norway.

Kind of sad that book tongue rules only because that's what they use in the cities. 😥

@ChrisTalleras Before I went on a trip to Norway, I learned a bit of the language. Having the bokmal and newnorsk was confusing for me at first but you all speak English anyways! I spoke in Norwegian only once for a conversation. Bokmal was based on Danish, right?


oh, interesting!

And yes, the rich used to write in danish in the cities, and wanted to continue that.

Meanwhile a cool guy made a new writing-tongue based on how people speak in Norway, which in effect means it is closer to how we speak, although book-tongue has been norwegianized a lot.

And quite a lot of people have started speaking like the book-tongue in the cities over time too.

#Dutch is my native language, #Norwegian is what I need to speak in my everyday surroundings.
However, tooting in #English oddly enough feels the easiest and most natural to me.

@FiXato @ChrisTalleras

Als je alleen Nederlands spreekt in Mastodon wordt het zo eenzaam 😄


Yeah, I understand.

Although you might not have tried being on a instance where everyone speaks the same mothertongue as you.

Might be worth a try! 😁

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