If you only want to see art/pictures ONLY from me and no boosts, no discussion or ramblings, I recommend that you follow my pixelfed profile which you can follow with you your current mastodon account!


You don't know what @pixelfed is? Well' it's instagram but better and decentralized-federated like mastodon and is made by this dude @dansup

I'll just go ahead and pin this to my profile

@ChrisTalleras @pixelfed @dansup Wow, Pixelfed looks cool, I didn't know about this portal and now I'm considering making an account there.

Maybe I'll do that sometime and experiment with uploading music as video visualisations.

Thanks for sharing this!

@ChrisTalleras @pixelfed @dansup Took me more than a month but today I've finally created an account. I like the website already. Here's my profile and its humble single post: pixelfed.social/merelysounds 🎵

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