If I were to recommend 3 distros to people new to Linux I'd go for:

- PopOS
- Elementary OS
- Manjaro OS

And if you do video stuff, audio stuff or visual art stuff, maybe even professionally I'd recommend trying @ubuntustudio

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@ChrisTalleras Thank you for the list. What's their advantage for linux newbies?
Because I am a linux newbie and planned to switch to Ubuntu or Lubuntu on my laptop before the support of my Win7 stops next year. (Though I do fear touching anything there, aahhh.)


PopOS is basically Ubuntu just with better hardware support and ElementaryOS's software store.

ElementaryOS has probably the stongest app ecosystem, and is super simple and well designed using a similar design philosophy as an apple product.

Manjaro is a non-debian/ubuntu alternative with more cutting edge tech and also has support for things like microsoft office stuff which is nice for those who are making the change.


@ubuntustudio is for the most part normal ubuntu just with all the software for video production, audio, visual art and 3d pre installed and compiled and made simple so there is less hassle with stuff like ardour or jack

But also no setup stuff to think about if you are a professional that just wants a computer to work on.

@ChrisTalleras Thank you very much for the explanation! 😍
Actually they all sound awesome! I'll look into them more.


There are actually a lot of thought put into not choosing them. Mint, Mate and MX Linux are great!

The 3 that I have chosen just fullfills three archtypes that I see a consumer would want fullfilled.

1. A stable distro with great hardware support and loads of software

2. Well and neatly designed with simplicity and not getting in the way while having a strong eco-system

3. Something more cutting edge but also has non opensource for school that appeal to more advanced users

Ouch. Why no stock ones? Manjaro is a bit more difficult for new users (you might as well recommend Debian then) and PopOS is pretty similar to Ubuntu.

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