Hmmm, I'm interested in joining a roleplay group for D&D or Zweihander. Is there anyone looking for a player or GM in the fediverse?

@host maybe you know about anything? ;)

@ChrisTalleras @host I'd be up for something like this. Can't DM though! Would it be Email? Could do Skype/whatever-equiv-of-hangouts-is-now

@Rae @host

And I'd probably do things through email, and additionally use Jitsi for communicating and roll20 for playing

@ChrisTalleras D&D mostly. As long as the methods don't use a lot of bandwidth or download a tonne I'll good with whatever. I'm on a capped satellite connection so have to be careful!

@Rae Okai, will be easy-peasy browser stuff, so don't worry about that.

We'd need 2 more players though

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